Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy Musings!

If you have been a regular follower and have been wondering where have I disappeared, I would first - like to thank you for missing me and second I would like to share that I have recently been promoted! No, not professionally but rather on the personal front! From being a wife, now I am a Mommy... MommyM to be precise! This promotion has been the major reason for me being absent from the blogging world for such a long time.

The pregnancy brought with itself many questions, some anxiety and loads of joy and happiness! Apart from morning sickness and weight gain, pregnancy also led to... writer's block! All I could think about was the baby... I couldn't write and that scared the shit out of me! I didn't want to publish something for the heck of it so I decided to wait and stay away... Now the baby is out and so is the writer's block! Yay!! :D Last month, I became a proud MommyM of beautiful baby girl - BabyS. PapaP and I are in seventh heaven. She is the apple of our eye and we love her to death.

Earlier, some months back before I had held my little princess in my arms, I could never understand the obsession parents had with their babies... putting up their pictures, always talking about them non-stop! I always used to find that very strange... but now, the tables have turned and how?! I talk about her, I keep clicking pictures of her every mood, I maintain a baby diary, I keep staring at her (even when she is asleep) and lately, I have even started updating my Facebook status with mentions about her. Guess you have to have a baby of your own to understand that the 'obsession' is nothing but just unconditional love.

The feeling of holding a tiny little bundle in your arms, who is yours, is something else... just indescribable.  

As I said before, I couldn't write because all my thoughts were occupied by BabyS (they still are). But, recently, I had also started to miss my first love  -  WRITING! I am taking baby steps and that is why have decided to publish my 'Mommy Musings'! As a new mother, there are a lot of things I don't know and understand... there are still a  lot of questions that I have, and a lot of discoveries to be made. I am taking each day as it comes. This post is about all the thoughts that have crossed my mind since I have laid eyes on my angelic BabyS.

Here's what I have been thinking and feeling (a.k.a. my Facebook status updates from the last couple of days) I hope you enjoy reading them, I am sure mothers (new and old) would -

  • Sometimes BabyS smiles in her sleep, sometimes she sobs, other times she gets angry and there are times when she gets scared... Some people say that infants remember their past lives and dream about instances that had happened to them in an earlier life! :O Will we ever find out if that is true...? I guess not... #sleepybaby
  • BabyS likes to be rocked to sleep... There have been times, when the rocking has stopped before she has fallen asleep and I swear she has looked back at me with the expression that says, 'Did I tell you to stop rocking? I am still awake, kindly continue.' :O #TrueStory
  • BabyS sleeping peacefully with a hint of a smile... I touch her little palm lightly and she holds my finger in her tiny hand... Moments that take MommyM's breath away! I can stare at my sleeping beauty for hours... :D  #MomentsThatMakeYouGoAww
  • That amazing feeling when your new born baby is sleeping peacefully curled up in your arms, breathing softly, with her face against your chest, your cheek lightly resting on her head... And then suddenly, without warning, she poops on your hand! Awesome ain't it! :S #truestory  #joysofmotherhood
  • Her Highness BabyS woke up at 10:30 (after sleeping at 4 in the morning)! In the next one and a half hour, she fed, peed, pooped, got a massage, bathed, fed again and very promptly went back to sleep. MommyM who also slept at 4am has been up since 7am! *yawn*yawn* #neverendingchores
  • BabyS has 5 distinct type of cries which basically mean - feed me, burp me, change me, hold me, and rock me to sleep... Still figuring out which corresponds to what! ;) #newmotherlearnings
  • Daytime - cry, feed, burp, sleep... Cry, pee, sleep... Cry, poop, sleep... Cry, play, sleep... Repeat in no particular order! *loop* Night - cry, feed, burp, wide-eyed... Pee, wide-eyed... Poop, wide-eyed... Cry... Repeat in no particular order! *loop* It's BabyS' life! #joysofmotherhood #yawnyawn
  • BabyS' sleeping time = MommyM's shower+lunch+nap time! :p #offtosleep
  • The volume of BabyS' cries is directly proportional to the frequency of MommyM's yawns! :S *yawn*  #joysofmotherhood #nightshiftbegins
  • BabyS looks like an angry baby sparrow when she doesn't get what she wants! :P #mylittleangrybird
  • Do you remember those dolls that opened their eyes when held up and closed them when laid down on the bed...? well, BabyS is the complete opposite! Her eyes are closed when she is held and as soon as she is laid down on her cradle, her eyes pop open! #joysofmotherhood ;)
  • NaniL rocking BabyS to sleep... *5 minutes later* BabyS still wide awake and NaniL has rocked herself to sleep! :D
  • BabyS - sleeping peacefully; MommyM - thinking of all the tasks she can complete before the baby wakes up again! 'Sleep when the baby sleeps'...?! BAH!! Not possible!!

BabyS is a little older, she can read it with me. I would love to hear what all, the Papas and Mommys amongst you have gone through... feel free to comment.

I would try and update the blog (with other of my writings apart from Mommy Musings) as much as BabyS would let me... she is a attention seeker, she is!

And she cries... time to log off and attend to Her Highness - BabyS.

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