Wednesday, October 27, 2010

... Yes, this is love!

She was sitting in the car, all alone. The radio was playing some old Hindi classics. it was raining heavily outside. she opened the window and put her hand out, feeling the raindrops on her palm and arm. her favourite song came. she started humming along. the other door opened suddenly and she got scared. he came and sat inside quickly. He was drenched completely. he handed her the cup of tea she had wanted desperately. she looked up at him and smiled. his face contoured into a weird shape and he sneezed! she started laughing and realized... yes, this is love.

She was at home. it was late. she looked at the watch for the nth time. it was almost ten. she looked at her phone as if willing it to ring. it didn't. she started flipping channels. she was not feeling well so he had asked her not to cook tonight, he would have dinner at work and would get something for her as well. the bell rang and she ran to open it. his bag was lying there. she saw him walking towards the gate to close it. she hurriedly looked through his bag, she was hungry. nothing. he forgot! she got upset and sat down on the couch. he came inside and she saw he was carrying a pizza box. he still remembered she loved pizzas, she jumped into his arms and realized... yes, this is love.
She hung up on him. she wanted to go out and have dinner but he had some meeting and will get late from work... again. she was getting bored sitting at home all alone. she cooked dinner and sat down waiting for him. at last, the bell rang. she went and opened the door. he was smiling. he took her hand and guided her to the car. he opened the door, she saw the red rose lying on the passenger side. she took the rose and smiled. he asked her to sit in the car and wait. he rushed inside and came back with a box with the dinner she had cooked. she looked at him, confused. he started the car and said, let's go out. she realized... yes, this is love.

P.S. i would keep adding on to it... and everyone is welcome to comment and add a snippet... it could be from a male or a female point of view... true or fiction... :) happy reading and happy writing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

His & Hers

He picked up the ring from the platter. The people were laughing and cheering. His friends were pulling his leg, his cousins were teasing him endlessly. Music was playing in the background. People were dancing. a celebratory mood was all around. But he could not hear anything, he could only hear his heart beat... too loud. can everyone else hear it too? guess not. he looked down at the diamond ring in his hand and then at the woman standing in front of her... smiling coyly. she was looking resplendent in pink. he looked into her eyes, big, brown and beautiful but those were not the eyes he wanted to look into while falling asleep. he looked at the lips, full and pink but they were not the lips he wanted to kiss forever. he looked at the fingers, long, slender and perfectly manicured, but they were not the same he had once placed a humble silver band on. His mother egged him on and he slipped the big diamond ring on her ring finger amidst claps and smiles and laughter. no one noticed that his smile didn't reach his eyes except her, standing by the door. no one noticed that plain looking girl standing all alone. No one noticed the silent tear that trickled down from her black kohl-rimmed eyes. No one noticed her small lips quivering. no one noticed as she took out the silver band from her short ink stained finger and place it on the table. no one saw her as she left except him, standing on the stage. For him, this was just the beginning of a life full of compromises.

The music was too loud. she couldn't make out what song was playing. she was too engrossed in listening to her own thoughts. She was looking at him as he picked up the ring. It was big. she looked at him and smiled. a shyness crept over her. she saw him looking at her eyes. Can he also see in her dark eyes the dreams of their future? can he also see them like she had... of them being together and happy? she could feel him looking at her lips. is he wishing to place his on hers? she could feel her cheeks reddening. she saw him looking at her fingers. is he admiring the fairness of her complexion? he took her hands in his. an electric current ran through her spine at his touch. he placed the ring on her finger. she looked up at him. he was looking into the distance and smiling. looking at their happy future surely. they will be happy, yes, they will. she smiled and allowed herself to be hugged by friends and family. For her, this was just the beginning of a dream-filled life.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Entangled in this world wide web!

Today I received a mail from one of my very dear friends... she is in Delhi and I am here in Kovalam. We never get a chance to speak as she is busy with her work and I am trying to get busy through working-from-home. we generally exchange quick mails telling each other how our days are going after we both got married. So, today she sent me a forward mail about graphs and I realized how true these graphs were -

 This is very true for me, especially in XIth and XIIth. I never knew anything!! College was another ball game altogether. i was actually good, studying my favourite subject helped a lot!!

 Again... so true!! at least for me! Most of the time, i have to listen to a song quite a few times and after filtering out the yeahs, the oohs and the babys, I can finally make out what the singer is actually trying to convey which is either stupid, childish or nothing at all!

 Okay, this was freaky... this is so true. I belong to the majority who keep staring at the toaster and then get scared when the toast finally pops out!

But it was the next graph that completely zapped me!

How true is this?? facebook, skype, the-now-dead-orkut, twitter, youtube, myspace, blogs, gtalks, yahoo messengers and many other such social networking sites i don't know about... how we have become entangled in this world wide web that it has become so much easier for us to convey what we feel through this medium. i am in touch with my cousins and most of my friends through gtalk, even my mother has joined facebook so that she can stay connected with me! we share thoughts, pictures and basically every small detail of our life through the Internet. but is there something wrong with this? i don't know...sometimes i think there is... instead of going out and playing in the sun, we are addicted to the virtual world. now instead of clicking pictures to capture a moment, we do so to as to put it up on facebook. haven't you ever thought after seeing a really nice picture of yourself that "this has to go as my display picture"? well, i have. but sometimes i think, so what? its not like i have stopped doing everything and have turned into a mouse potato! i do go out, i do have fun, i do read and write and when there is this technology, then why shouldn't i make use of it? if it makes me, someone who is on a different hemisphere from my parents and friends and family, feel connected to them, then what is wrong? if it gives me, a shy introvert girl, an outlet to display my funny, sarcastic and sometimes intellectual side, then what's the harm? (you must think i was fishing for compliments, well yes i was!!)

but as spider man said, with great power comes great responsibility... so is the case with Internet. it is a great power tool and must be used responsibly... with this great sharing medium comes the need for great control!  you need to control the time you spend in the virtual world. i don't know about you, but i would certainly start cutting down. instead of being online for 8 hrs, i will come down to 7.5 (What?! let me take baby steps!) .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jugglers - all of us!!

Today, while i was doing my daily chores of the day I suddenly remembered a speech that I had heard couple of years back. you can understand that this particular speech had left a great impression on me because first, I listened to a speech! this is a big deal because i am not a speech kinda person, i don't like listening to them (have the tendency of falling asleep) and i don't like giving them either (have the tendency of making others fall asleep) but i did listen to this one with open eyes and an open mind. And second, i remember it! after almost two years, i still remember it... well, most of it. actually just one point (but i remember, that has got to count for something, right?!) so this post deals with that one point that i still remember after almost two years.

i had heard this said speech delivered at the convocation of IIMB... before you raise your eyebrows and get all impressed, it was not my convocation, i merely attended it... don't have the inclination and the brains to make the cut! actually it was my super brainy brother who got through, not only IIMB but the rest five too!! (yes, i am showing off! so sue me!!) getting back to the point, the speaker, Mr. whats-his-name shared with us an anecdote / story which goes something like this...

In our entire life, we juggle a lot of balls, where balls stand for relationships (comprising of friends and family), job, career choices, success, household chores (yes that was a ball too!), work pressure, tensions, exams, grades, presentations, projects, assignments, parties, outings, happiness, sadness etc etc. these balls are basically are all the emotions, the situations and everything else that form a part of your life. All these are rubber balls except the relationship ball which is made of glass. so while juggling, there would be time when one of these balls would fall because your attention would be on the other balls. for example, if you are focusing on your parties ball, the career ball can fall... or if you concentrate on your job balls, maybe the happiness ball falls... or if you pay too much attention to your happiness ball, the sadness ball falls! Now, since all these balls are rubber balls, they always, and i mean always bounce back up. so, if your career is not going anywhere, it means it has just fallen (not necessarily due to your lack of attention) and rest assured it will come on track sooner or later... the ball will bounce back! however, an important thing to note is that there is only one glass ball - relationship ball. if you concentrate on any one ball and in that process, if your relationship ball falls, it will break. out of all these balls, it is only the relationship ball that is the most fragile and requires extra attention. And as they say success tastes a lot sweeter if you have someone to share it with, right?

the solution to make sure that none of the balls that you are juggling fall, is balance. not one thing is more important than the other... all of them require equal amount of attention, neglecting any one ball would only result in all of them falling down!

So, now you need to decide, are you giving too much attention to any one ball...? well, are you?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Barney and the Gang! Awe...wait for it...some!

"What would you do if you had to choose between suits and a pot of gold?! Suit!"

I am sure that most of you are familiar with this exchange between Marshall and Barney. And if you are not, well, then there is no point reading the rest till you google 'How I Met Your Mother' and you do know who Ted, Marshal, Lily, Robin and Barney are and their relationship matrix.
I am really fascinated and amazed at the love men and women have for Barney Stinson. Guys (read adolescent boys and grown-up men) want to be like him and the ladies of all ages want to date someone like him. I am quite surprised with the young India wanting to be Barney who is a skirt-chaser, one-night-stand believer, commitment-phobic, not-believing-in-love-relationships-and-marriage, sarcastic, commodifying-women kinda guy! Nobody likes sweet old Ted who believes in love and relationships that last... who is looking for love, who wants to get married and have kids. in fact, nobody talks about marshal and lily, a loving married couple who have been together for 11-12 years! Robin, the female almost-Barney, also doesn't enjoy that kind of adulation that Mr. Stinson enjoys.
Why do people like him? maybe because of the coolness quotient (I cant believe I used the term coolness!), maybe because of his sarcasm and wit, his phrases - awe... wait for it... some, or, or..., Suit Up!! and i am sure the girls loves his bad boy... they see him as a loner who runs from emotional attachment and are rooting for his affair with robin! (I am still on season five, so i don't know how that ends) Not to be a party-pooper, but Barney Stinson a.k.a Neil Patrick Harris is gay in real life!
Well, there has always been something about a bad boy image, especially for the girls...  most of us (yes me included, i also used to think that many moons ago!) believe that we would be that one-in-a-million-girl that would change the bad boy and would make him believe in unconditional love... Alas! that is not true in the majority of cases, and the girl ends up becoming just one in a million or if she finally manages to change the guy, she is one after a million... not a great thought either way!
Anyway at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, i love this scotch-drinking gang and I like barney Stinson too ;) and not because of his philandering ways, but because he is so funny! ;) i think they, barney included, are awe...wait for it...some!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Writer's Block!! YIKES!!

What is Writer's Block?

Is it something when you can't think about a topic to write on? Or is it something when you can't write about anything at all? When you keep staring at the screen or the paper willing the words to form on the said screen and paper by themselves as if by some divine intervention! When a drape of blackness falls over your mind and stops you from thinking and formulating coherent sentences and statements... is it that time when you just can't think. period. when you can't see any way to move ahead, when you are stuck! you don't know which way to take, this or that... The road ahead is BLOCKed! Maybe it is that feeling of frustration when you want to write but the words just do NOT cooperate... when you think and think and think and then finally get so irritated that you are ready to sell your soul to the devil for an epiphany!!

Then there are times when you look around, talk to people, read what other's are writing to just get a tiny bit of inspiration from somewhere, but nothing!! absolutely bloody nothing helps! lack of muse, lack of topics, lack of words, lack of thoughts, lack of ideas, just something that is lacking and you cant even say what! it is also when you keep writing vague, uninspired tit-bits in the hope of maybe catching the writing bug again?!

Everything mentioned above and much more is all that comes under writer's block. the remedy... some would say, take a break, get a drink and get back to it sometime later. you know what i did when i was suffering from writer's block? I wrote a post on it! Now you know why this one sucks?!

Please Note: The writer of this post is suffering from Writer's Block which is a very common disease found in men and women working with words. There is nothing to worry about, she would be back and writing some great posts in no time. Till then bear with her, keep indulging her and happy reading!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My God...

Ayodhya, terror attacks, quran burning... three religions, three incidents... all of them made me think, what does God wants us, mere mortals, to do? Do they, Ram, Allah, and Jesus, want us to fight amongst ourselves to prove which God is supreme? which faith is the best? which religion is better and which is not? If they are God(s) shouldnt they be above such petty issues? Do all these religious scriptures tell us that we are right and the others are wrong? Do they tell us to kill, massacre and demolish? Well, my God is certainly not like that. I refuse to believe that my God would want me to fight with each other demolishing the other faith's scriptures, temples, mosques, and churches.

My God is kind, benevolent and forgiving. My God doesnt live in any temple, mosque or church but in my heart, my soul and my being. My God is not he, she or it, my God is one and all... all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful. My God loves me, guides me, inspires me, and blesses me. My God helps me in times of hardships and urges me to help others in their time of difficulty. My God gives me happiness. My God is with me all the time, see and knows what I do... I can't hide from my God and my God doesnt hide from me... Always around me like a warm blanket, protecting me. My God doesnt tell me what to do and what not to do... My God doesnt impose rules, doesnt want me to give up something I like and do that thing which I dont like... My God gives me freedom to decide for myself. My God grants me free will... But, when I make mistakes, my God lifts me up and gives me the power to start over again.My God wants me to be the best that I can be... My God trusts me and has faith in my abilities... My God doesnt give me somehitng that I cant handle... Sometimes like a guardian angel, sometimes like a loving mother, sometimes like a strict father, sometimes like a caring friend, My God watches over me and protects me from harm...

My God doesnt tell me to harm others... My God doesnt tell me that people who doent believe, who have a diffrent faith are my enemies... My God doesnt tell me to hate... My God doesnt care if I think of him in a temple or in my home, I pray to him in a mosque or in my office, I thank him in a church or in my car... My God doesnt care if I call him as Ram or Allah, Jesus or Lakshmi... My God just wants me to remember Him and His love for me... My God wishes the best for me...

My God is universal... My God is omnipresent... My God is a miracle... My God is divine... My God doesnt have a face... I can't see him, touch him, but I can feel him and hear him...

My God would never ask me to destroy... My God is my strength and not my weakness... my God wipes my tears and gives me may reasons to smile...

 My God is my faith.

After reading and hearing so much about an issue that has been going on for centuries, I refuse to believe that God would get upset if the place where he is supposed to be born has a mosque... be it a temple or a mosque, it is still a supposed place of worship only... sar to wahan pe bhi jhukte hi hai... and this controversy is in that country which claims to be secular! i thought secularism was supposed to be one of our many strengths, yeah right! Just like hindi, out mother tongue, was supposed to be a unifying language, come to South India and you will see how unifying is hindi after all...well this is for some other day, some other post.

the verdict is out, will it make much of a difference? Time will only tell...

I am sure after seeing what their so-called believer are doing on earth, all your variations of God would be wondering where did they go wrong? Maybe it would have been better for all, if we had not evolved only... basic nature, basic needs.

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