Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Be or Not To Be... Attracted?!


He was quite angry. He was furious. after he had done all the hard work, made the damn presentation, then why, at the last minute, she was assigned to 'tag along' with him? look at the presentation from a third perspective.OK, fine... she was an MBA, she had the degree but she was a fresh pass-out. She obviously can't compete with his 5 years of hands-on experience of working in this field. he had slogged it out. he had all the ideas. he had spent hours with the moronic client trying to figure what they want, what they needs it was his project. It was his baby. And now some MBA was coming to see the presentation and give her inputs because she had the degree! Bah!! he broke the pencil he was fiddling with. he picked up his glass of water and drank it in one go. he glanced at the presentation again and shut down his laptop. he picked up his coat and went out for a smoke. he had to clear his head. tomorrow was an important day. as he released the bitter smoke out in a prefect ring, he thought about the client's daughter. he had never met her but had spoken to her. what a voice! he smiled. going by the way the mother looked the daughter had to be a beauty and didn't she flirt with him a little when they had spoken to fix an appointment today. he tried to remember the conversation. she most certainly had! her throaty laughter rang in his ears again. he put out the cigarette and went back inside. someone was waiting for him. she had his back towards the door but he knew it was her. she was dressed in a formal black trouser and white shirt. her hair was tied in a tight ponytail. he cleared his throat and she turned back and smiled. she seemed a little nervous. she had a baby-like face, round with big eyes lined with kajal. he went up to her and held his hand out. she took it shyly and smiled again. he thought that maybe she wont be so bad. after making small talk they looked at the presentation, together. he ran her through. she observed quietly. afterwards she gave some suggestions and he was quite surprised at first that this young female had some insightful comments to make. As they finished the presentation, she got a call. she excused herself and left. he saw her retreating back and felt a twinge inside...of what, he did not know. he just didn't want her to leave yet. he glanced out the window thinking about a strand of hair kept falling on her eyes and smiled to himself. women! the next day, as he was getting ready for the presentation he saw her coming. she had dressed up in a traditional salwar kameez today. she looked quite pretty, he thought for a moment. but then he got busy with making the final touches on the presentation. as they sat waiting, she whispered 'all the best' to him and smiled. he smiled back. as the client and his entourage entered he looked for the daughter. when she entered, he couldn't help but smile. she was short, tiny with a disproportionate head. clearly beauty skipped a generation. he looked sideways at her sitting beside him and thought once again, 'not bad, not bad at all.'


she had got a call in the morning only. she was supposed to go and assist the manager...give fresh eyes to the project he had been working on single-handily for the past couple of months. she was scared. she had heard things about him. he was a workaholic and especially protective about this particular project. she cursed her immediate boss. on one hand it was a prestigious task but on the other, what difference could she make? she had just joined six months back and he had been working for more than 5 years! obviously he knows best. she had even refused to go, but his boss had heard nothing. she had to go tomorrow. she braced herself and called her boyfriend. as usual he had nothing to offer. she had just started dating him and agreed he was cute but he was also pretty dumb. he always agreed to everything she said and recently it had started getting on her nerves. she sighed. he is a nice guy. he loves me. and then another thought came into her mind, he can't talk! she immediately felt guilty for thinking bad about him and said to herself, 'he will change. i will change him.' right now, more pressing matters were at hand. she decided to wear a formal black trousers and white shirt. this outfit makes her look older. maybe that would help her tomorrow. she got up early, got dressed and went to the head office. his office was empty. she decided to wait. after sometime, someone cleared his throat. she turned around and saw him standing there. he was tall and handsome, not in the conventional way. there was something about him that she felt drawn towards him. she smiled. she was nervous, more so after seeing him. she prayed that she doesn't start blushing like an idiot. she came forward and shook his hand. she could feel the butterflies flapping in her stomach. was it because of the task at hand or because of his proximity, she didn't know. she took a deep breath and they sat down to work. she had decided that she would not interrupt him but rather would give her opinions at the end. she didn't want to anger him. the presentation was quite impressive but she gave some suggestions. he looked at her and seemed impressed. she was about to say something when her phone rang, it was her boyfriend. she excused herself and went out to take the call. he always called at the wrong time, she thought. she looked back. she could see him from the glass doors. he was looking out the window. she wanted to go back but do what? say what? she decided against it and went home. the next day, she decided to wear something Indian. she wanted to look pretty. why? she didn't know. she just did. she dressed up quickly and went to meet him. he looked up at her. did she sense admiration? she couldn't tell. she could sense his nervousness and a little bit of anticipation though. she whispered 'all the best' and smiled. he smiled back. the client and his entourage entered. she saw him looking at the client's daughter intensely and then smile to himself. she didn't know what to make of it... but she did know one thing, she was drawn to him...very drawn. And she was confused... very much so.

To be Continued...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Har Har Mahadev = Every one is a God of Gods!

I have just finished reading the book, The Immortals of Meluha and I am fascinated... fascinated with the writer's, who is known as Amish (just Amish, no surname like superman or batman!) attempt at demystifying the myths of Ram, Shiva and Brahma (the trinity). The novel, the first in the Shiva trilogy, is about a man - Shiva. Point to be noted here is that he is not portrayed as a god but a man. An extraordinary man, but a human nonetheless who also makes mistakes, who has doubts, who has fears and who is sceptical of the responsibility that befalls him. The novel details his journey from the Mansarovar Lake, where he lives with his tribe, to the empire called Meluha. Meluha is depicted as a near perfect society that was established by the greatest king of all times, Lord Ram. Now again, Ram is portrayed as an extraordinary human being who with his deeds has eventually come to be looked upon as a god. He is not considered as a re-incarnation of God Vishnu. Now Meluha is the land of the Suryavanshis and they have a Utopian society. The laws and the rules laid down by Lord Ram are considered above and beyond everyone and everything else. Each and every citizen of this land follows their thousand-year-old laws religiously, diligently and without question. The Suryavanshi society has no room for the individual; it is all about loving your country and working towards the growth of the society as a whole . It is a society that follows restraint. There is no room for opulence and excess. Whatever they have is equally distributed among the rich and the poor. When Shiva arrives in this land of law-abiding citizens, he is naturally impressed. however, there are certain laws that he doesn't agree with such as the Vikarma system (a refined form of untouchability. the Vikarma people are not touched but they are not shudras, they belong to all castes. they are labelled as Vikarma because of some huge adversity they face which is seen as a result of their past deeds!) all said and done, this land is different from his war-enraged country and he is happy to settle in Meluha and spend the rest of his days. What he doesn't know that there is a motive behind his welcome to Meluha which is revealed pretty soon. He is termed as the neelkanth and is revered as a messiah who will save the Suryavanshis from the corrupt chandravanshis. At first, Shiva is sceptical of the task that is being assigned to him, the faith that the people put in him (irrespective of his ability), and that is due to some demons in his past. But he soon rises to the occasion and leads an attack on the evil chandravanshis. But, as soon as the war is over and he lands in Chandravanshi Empire, he realises that the chandravanshi are not evil, they are just different. Chandravanshis give more importance to an individual growth. They don't have age-old laws. They are a passionate society. They have grandeur. There is a strict demarcation between the rich and the poor. As Shiva sees this society he sees some good here as well (like the fact they have preserved the temple dedicated to the suryanvanshi's ram. incidentally Ayodhya, the birth place of ram is the capital city of chandravanshi Swadeep.) He is guilt-stricken of the war that he has raged that killed thousands. And it is with this dilemma between the good and the evil, that the novel ends.

I picked up the novel because I was intrigued with the basic concept of the demystification of the ancient Indian myths. Ram, Shiva and Brahma are depicted as very talented men and NOT Gods. Ram was a just, kind and a far-sighted emperor (preserver); Shiva is a skilled warrior and strategist (Destroyer); and Brahma was an exceptional scientist (creator). The characters also link the story to the myths and thus help in demystification... the wife of Shiva is a princess called Sati, Shiva's trusted aide is Nandi (remember Nandi the Bull) and so on and so forth. There are other basic concepts that interested me especially the concept of 'Har Har Mahadev.' in the novel, Shiva is seen by the populace of Meluha as a Mahadev (God of Gods). During the final war, Shiva uses the war cry of Har Har Mahadev and he (Shiva and by extension the writer) translates it as 'Every one of us is a God of Gods.' this cry created a vigour in the soldiers and gave them an energy to fight with all that they have. I don't know how Shiva bakhts would take it as but I was simply amazed at the simplicity of the deduction! And for me Har Har Mahadev would always mean that every one is a god!

Another concept that really created an impact on me was that of the oxidation theory. In the novel, the suryavanshis are very healthy human race who have a very long life. This is attributed to the Somras. Now, somras is no amrit. It is a scientific concoction that is created by Lord Brahma (who is NOT a god but a mortal) somras is an anti-oxidation agent. The oxidation theory of the Meluhans goes something like this - they believe that oxygen is not only a giver of life but destroyer of it as well. Oxygen, when it converts food into energy, releases some oxidants that erode the body from the inside. The same way oxygen rusts the iron, it rots the body too. The body knows it and that is why it doesn’t store any oxygen for future use. for example, it stores some amount of food and water and that is why when we don’t have any food or water for some days we don’t die but even if don’t have oxygen for some minutes we can die. Amish uses this example to corroborate the theory that first, oxygen is harmful too; and second that the body knows about it. Apparently this theory has been proved by some scientists somewhere also. Now, to counter the harmful effects of oxygen and oxidants, the scientists led by Brahma had devised the anti-oxidant somras that helps the meluhans release the oxidants and remain young for a long time! Impressive, isn’t it?

the love story and eventual marriage of Shiva and sati, the ever-existing war between good and evil, the existence of duality in nature, past lives, legends, myths, Shiva and his weaknesses, the Natraj pose, the belief in Parmatma (one single unisex god) etc etc... I loved reading it all. This book is that rare combination that is a gripping read and also makes you think after you have put it down. (And also makes you write about it!)

The basic premise of the novel is that every coin has two sides. Shiva only realised it at the end of the first part of the trilogy that Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis are two sides of the coin. For both, the other one is evil. He landed up in Meluha and that is why his judgement was coloured by the Suryanvanshi thought. If Chandravanshis had found him, he would have believed them to be right and the Suryavanshi to be wrong. Both the empires were waiting for the Neelkanth to save them from the respective other. Shiva realised too late that what is different is not necessarily evil. If you don't understand something that doesn't mean it is wrong. (Something that I had also written about sometime back ;))

I am eagerly waiting for the next instalment of the series. Till then, Har Har Mahadev!

P.S. - there is also something about the Nagas. They are some deformed creatures considered evil. But I have a gut feeling they would have a major role to play in the coming series... and maybe they are not that bad after all. Watsay, Amish? ;) Only time will tell.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Sun, The walk and The Lech!

She was walking on the beach looking at the setting sun…That’s when she noticed him staring at her with a lecherous smile. She started playing with her mangalsutra that had previously hidden inside her kurti. He looked away and started undressing someone else with his eyes. She smiled to herself and continued with her stroll.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Mystery

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Men through all ages and centuries, since the time of the ever-so-elusive Cleopatra, have been trying to solve THE MYSTERY of the enigma that is a woman. Who is she? What does she feel? What does she mean when she says this or when she says  that? There are many theories floating in the air... some of them are true and many of them are false.

A woman is a mother, she will love you like one, she might also trouble you and demand pampering like a daughter, she will sometimes take care of you like a girlfriend, understand you like a friend, support you like a wife and look up to you like a sister, she can be a force to be reckoned with when angered... she is all that and much more.

Women are very complex creatures and I have taken it upon myself this mammoth responsibility of unravelling the mystery of the woman, (what does a woman want her man to know!), so here goes nothing...

  • First and foremost, women love pampering. However much they deny it, but the bottom line is that they love it. Period.
  • All women want their respective man to be self-sufficient. Someone who they can take home to meet their family and proudly introduce as 'the one'.
  • However career-oriented a woman might be, she will still want her man to take care of her and provide for all the basic necessities, that is roti, kapda and makaan. But that doesn't mean she can't take care of herself. She can and she also likes to contribute some percentage. So let her.
  • Their career is as important for them as yours is for you. Belittling it will take you nowhere, if you know what I mean!
  • Women love shopping. We can’t explain it but we have to buy that expensive pair of shoes even if we never wear them. Most of the times, there is no logic behind shopping and we want you, the men, to understand that and stop questioning the reason for spending so much on a pair of sunglasses!
  • When we say 'Fine!'... We and/or things are obviously anything but fine... and when we say, nothing, there is always something! Giving up on asking what's that matter is not an option. Not a good option anyway.
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, we want you to understand what we want to say without our actually saying it.
  • Women might get attracted towards your bad-boy image, but that is only because they believe they can change that into a good-boy one!
  • Women are emotional. Very very emotional. They think from their heart and in the process get hurt often. They want you to be the one who will never hurt them.
  • Keep the criticism to the minimum... about our cooking skills (we are not competing with your mom’s cooking!), our driving (we hate it when you comment about the way we drive!), our electrical or electronic skills et al.
  • Women hate being treated like a child. (We don't mind being pampered like one though!) So, if you have to explain something, do it like an adult. Don’t think that if we don't understand something in the first time, we never will.
  • STOP LYING. Stop lying to avoid confrontations, stop lying for our benefit. Just stop lying. Don’t challenge our intelligence by making statements like that you lie for our (women's) own good. The saying - 'truth always comes out' is true. We will ultimately find out about all the lies. It might take hours, days, or maybe even years but we will find out and then you have had it. So, stop lying! (Omitting details and hiding the facts also constitute as lying. stop doing that too.)
  • Ignoring a problem will not make it go away. Talking helps. All women believe that.
  • If you keep us happy, it will show... in the kitchen and in the bedroom. ;)
  • Small surprises go a long way.
  • Mood swings don't happen only during 'that' time of the month... it can happen anytime, anywhere. As soon as you learn to identify them, the better it would be for you. And it would help to agree with her during those times. If she says it is hot, it is hot. Is she says it is cold, it is cold.
  • When we ask how your day went. Fine is not the answer we expect or are looking for. Asking the aforementioned question is a way of us trying to be a part of your life.
  • When we ask about your past… we want to know all the gory details. Not because we are sadists, but because we don’t repeat them. (and also to get an idea whether it is even worth it to invest our time and energy in you)
  • We also need our girls' night out... where we don't only talk about you guys.
  • We gossip. We bitch. We drink. We also abuse. Get over it!
  • When we say yes, we mean maybe. When we say no, we mean maybe. When we say maybe, we mean No. and we want you to understand what we mean. (why? well... we are just programmed like that! :P )
  • Women like being chased. Not stalked, but wooed. And crappy and cheesy lines are an absolute no-no. Put some thought into it.
  • Looks are not as important as they are for men but that doesn't mean we are blind and have no sense of smell. A well-kept man is always attractive. 
  • We know all of you are going the metro sexual way but no woman would like her man to frequent the parlour more than her! Follow basic hygiene and that is enough.
  • Manners. Etiquette. Chivalry. If you have not heard of them, then STAY AWAY! Vulgarity and cheapness is meant for boys' night out. Keep it there only.
  • We speculate so don't give us reasons to indulge in speculations. The sooner you understand that the longer the relationship would last.
  • Men don't remember dates, women do. We will remind you as long as you make it special. And god save you if you forget even after all the reminders.
  • If you are not good at flirting, go get good before approaching us.
  • Make the foreplay interesting and we will make the rest of your night ;)
  • We get jealous. Very very jealous. So maintain distance with the fairer sex. One arm can constitute as appropriate distance. (and mingling with exes is fine as long as we are in the picture. Nothing behind our backs!)
  • If we are silent, then go through every conversation we have had in the near past to figure out what have you done wrong.
  • Never, ever forget our birthdays. NEVER.
  • Helping around the house doesn't make you weak, it makes you very strong… in our eyes.
  • There is a fine line between being cutely jealous and being obsessively possessive. Do the former and avoid the latter. Don’t cross that line. 
  • When we talk, listen. There is a difference between hearing and listening. We know when you are faking it.
  • We remember not only important dates and events but also every conversation we have had with you. So you are better off not using any old argument for your sake.
  • A woman wants commitment…not inking-our-names-on-your-body kinds but a promise that she is and will be the most important person in your life...
  • We understand (sometimes) that you can’t contain your emotions and you have to look at every other girl but can you please not make it that obvious?
  • We might not be the most beautiful girl you know, but we DO NOT like to hear it.
  • Pulling our leg in a cute way is acceptable but making fun of us in front of your friends and family (even if they are our friends too) is not.
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… chocolates, shoes, bags, dresses, perfumes, make-up are our other close friends!
  • Your ex might have some good qualities but for us she will always be a b****. We don’t want to hear her praises again and again (or even once for that matter).
  • Taking us out for shopping is the best medicine to cheer us up – ALMOST ALWAYS!
  • Don’t expect us to be dolled up all the time with manicured hands and perfect hairstyle… that takes a LOT of time and effort. We are not movie starts and we like being lazy too.
  • When we take hours to dress up for our better half, that is you, we expect a better response than 'you look good.' or 'are you done yet?'
Well, this might be the tip of the iceberg… while writing the post, I realized that if men knew everything about women, then the fun would be lost, right? So, I stop here… let the men enjoy unravelling the mystery of their women by themselves :)

Do drop in a comment and let me know what you think and also if you want to add to the list :)

P.S. - before anyone bites my head off, let me add a disclaimer - exceptions are always there. And if you are, good for you! :P

P.P.S - the list has been compiled with great help from my very dear friend KAMNA ;)

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