Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday night, my husband started to cut his nails and I instinctively, and without thinking, told him that you shouldn't cut nails during the night. He looked at me puzzled and asked why and I had no answer. And that got me thinking why shouldn't you cut your nails in the night? I am not superstitious but there are somethings that you just follow... because your parents told them to you. you never question them, you just do it. Maybe because it is a trivial little thing. they tell you don't cut your nails in the night and you obey them. what's the big deal right?! But this time, I wanted to know. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that this thought process must have originated in the old days when there was no electricity. So, people might have cut their fingers or toes instead of their nails because of the dark! Made sense. So, as any normal person would do, I googled to confirm my theory and I found that many people like me believed the same.

That got me thinking, there are so many superstitions out there that we blindly follow without sparing a thought to their origin or relevance or to the logic behind them. Such as when you sneeze or get a bad case of hiccups, it means someone is thinking of you. What is the logic behind this?! How is that even possible?! But we believe it or maybe we like to believe it. It's somewhat reassuring that someone somewhere is thinking of you.

Some days before my maid had chastised me after I let the milk over-flow. she told me that something awful would happen now. however, the only awful thing that happened was me cleaning up after the milk accident as she refused to touch it lest the jinx follows her! and I do think that is the most awful thing that happened, because cleaning split milk is no mean feat!

Another one that I have heard quite often is if a lizard falls on you, it brings good luck. Really?! How?! good-luck, my ass! It is just disgusting!! It's a pest that should not have been in your home in the first place! Maybe the good luck is that now you know that it is there so you can get rid of it!

Going under a ladder is also considered wrong... According to me, you should not walk under a ladder not because it might bring bad luck, but because you might accidentally let it fall on your head and could get hurt?! Right?!

Another one - If a dog is howling in the night, it means that death is on it's way and someone in the family would pass away soon... Silly, isn't it?! I believe that since it is dark and eerily quiet so obviously when a dog suddenly howls in the night you would get scared! and what are people most scared of? Death and ghosts... so obviously a dog must have seen that only! :P

If a crow craws in front of your house, expect a visitor soon. I never knew that crows have the detailed information of everyone's extended families as well.

Well, these were just some from the top of my head. I am sure there are many more that you know off, please do share them... And if you know the logical reason for any of the ones that I have mentioned, please leave a comment and do enlighten me! 


  1. Very interesting Post. There is 1 more explanation to the logic of some1 thinking of you when you get hiccups. It a way to divert your attention, from the uneasiness you feel, when you get hiccups.

    To add more to this list :
    Its inauspicious to call out the name of a person,who is Going out/ Leaving for somework.

    Handing over Salt/ Oil Jar in hand, spoils your relationship with the person to whom you are handing it ( Logic: if the JAR Slips, Salt/ Oil not an easy stuff to clean up)

  2. Oh! Lizard can bring good luck or death depending on which part of the body it falls on. As long as superstitious people are there superstitions will also be there.

  3. haha-what about the number 13 and black cats

  4. and cats crossing your way! :-/

  5. This list just keeps getting longer!! :D

  6. If you are going somewhere and a black cat crosses your path, it means the cat is also going somewhere. They say your work will not be fulfilled. Big crap.


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