Wednesday, November 24, 2010

His & Hers... 55 fiction style!

I have actually got addicted to writing 55 fiction... And i love writing His and Hers series! So, i decided to mix the two and write His and Hers series in 55 fiction format... here are couple of attempts -

His 'Wedding'...

He never thought that this day would finally come. The day when she will be only his. She was sitting next to him in all bridal finery, looking into the sacred fire. He lifted the mangalsutra and put it around her neck. Everyone cheered and he smiled proudly. Finally his dream had come true.

... Her 'Compromise'
She sat there unmoving, all decked up. She stared into the fire, unblinking. She felt helpless and weak but she knew she couldn’t do anything. It was too late now. As he put the mangalsutra around her neck, she felt as if the noose had finally tightened. Everyone cheered as she shed silent tears. 

* * * * * * * * *

Today was her birthday. He was out of town for a conference and would be back only next week. She waited for his call at midnight that never came. She cried herself to sleep. When she woke up, there was a jewellery case by her side. She smiled as he brought her breakfast in bed.

He excused himself and rushed to the airport. His flight was at 11:45pm. As he sat in the aircraft, he looked at the jewellery case in his hand. He would have to take another flight, day after tomorrow, to come back and attend the last session of the conference. Her smile was worth it all.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Men Want!

"You are reading one of the winning entries of BlogAdda's - What Men Want! contest"

What Women Want... People (by people I mean Men) have wondered about this topic since eternity, movies have even been made on it... remember that one staring Mel Gibson... anyway, what about Men? have we, women, ever wondered what men want? maybe occasionally, once or twice, when we have been unfortunate in dating that ever-so-reclusive guy who wouldn't admit what does he really want! most of the time, women just keep wandering aimlessly, analyzing the male species' every move to figure out what he actually wants from us? does he want us to make the first move? does he want us to appear shy? does he like to chase us? what does he want us to do?!

Most of the times, i believe men are also clueless about what they actually want! In my 25 years on Earth, I have realized that men are pretty simple creatures, basically they are babies, who want the basics from life... here is what I have observed men want us to know - 
  • When they are young, I mean when men were boys, all of them either want to be in the army or become a pilot.
  • They eventually want to start a business. no matter how much money they make in their respective careers, men want to slog only for themselves...someday.
  • every man, once in his lifetime after working for n number of years, thinks about marrying a rich girl and becoming a house husband!
  • men, sometimes, wish they were born as a woman!!
  • they fantasize... about, you know... a lot. every other minute or so...
  • they want to date the hottest girl in town but would want to marry the one who can cook! 
  • all of them are mama's boys... forever. the sooner you accept it, the happier you'll be. never, and i mean never ever, come between a man and his mother. she is and will always be the first woman in his life.
  • they don't want to have deep conversations about where the relationship is going. if they are with you, it is going someplace... that someplace could change with time.
  • when they come home from work, they want some peace and quiet for at least ten minutes. 
  • When they say yes, they mean yes. when they say no, they mean no. they want you to understand that and not analyze their every word.
  • Men would tell you they want women to make the first move... they don't. winning over a woman gives them a high! (rolling eyes!)
  • they don't speculate, neither do they want you, yes you girls, to speculate. they want you to let the relationship take its own course and not dissect every move they make and every word they say.
  • All men lie. it could be white lies, big ones or small fibs. they do, everyone of them. and they believe and want you to believe that they do it for your own good.
  • Men, whatever they might say, like to chase the woman of their dreams... but only till that time they deem fit. if it goes on for too long, they lose interest. if it is too short, they don't get the sense of achievement.
  • They want to give you a surprise for your birthdays and anniversaries but a little help from your side about what you would want to do would really help them.
  • Men don't remember dates. they will not remember the first time you looked at each other, the first time you touched or the first time you fought. if you want them to remember, remind them.
  • And now borrowing from a movie, "He is just not that into you." if they take your number and don't call you, they want you to understand, well... they are not just that into you. calling them back, making them remember who you are will not work.
  • some of them would do and say anything, and i mean anything, to get you into bed. and after that they would also want you to forgive them as well.
  • they can sense when you are emotionally vulnerable... and sadly some of them prey on those vulnerable ones.
  • Men want space. they don't want to tell you what they did every second of the day. neither do they want to know what you ate for lunch and how many bites you had.
  • They want you to know that if they are watching TV, playing video games, watching sports and you are talking, even though they will say that they are listening but they obviously are not.
  • Men are slobs. they don't want you to tidy up after them. if they leave everything on the table, let it be on the table. it makes it easier to find their stuff without the hassle of getting into drawers and cupboards.
  • Men need and want their Boys' Night out where they can drink and just forget about everything else.
  • they don't want you to interpret their silence. when they are ready, they will tell you. 
  • All men want to be good at flirting. some of them are, most of them are not.
  • They don't get hints, not direct hints not subtle hints, neither can they read your mind. they want you to tell them in clear words what do you actually want them to do.
  • Men have never and never will ask for directions. even if their life depended on it. they just want you to accept that.
  • if something is bothering you, tell them. they don't want to play the guessing game. 
  • Men, most of them, hate shopping unless it is for gadgets or for them or gadgets for them. 
  • They want you to know that if they are with you and look at another woman, that doesn't mean they don't love you. they are just programmed like that. they have to have to look!
  • Men love their cars, especially their first car and no matter how much more he loves you, you will not be allowed to drive it... for a long long time.
  • Men forget... not only anniversaries and birthdays or to tell you about important conversation they had with your parents, they forget bad ugly fights too!
  • Men, unlike women, are not very big fans of foreplay and the cuddles that come after... they are more interested in what happens between those two!
  • Men gossip... they will never accept it but they do.
  • Men don't like to talk about their past nor do they want to know about yours in excruciating detail. just a number of how many men you dated before him would do.Let it be like that.
  • Men also get jealous... they just don't want to show it to you and scare you off.
These are some of the things that i think Men want us, the weaker sex (Ha!) to know...

If you know more, you are welcome to leave a comment and add to this list ;)

And if i think of more, i will update it as well!

happy reading...

P.S. This is written in jest. Men, take it with a pinch of salt!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

55 Fiction!

Some of my attempts at writing 55 fiction... what do you think? Nice? not nice? Should I continue with it or stop torturing you people! ;)

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her battered and bruised reflection stared back at her, unsmiling. He had hit her… again. He had apologized… again. She had forgiven him… yet again. She applied make up to hide the discoloration and smiled tightly as her eyes welled up and a tear fell down… yet again.

* * * * *

She was sitting alone in her dark room. She was hungry and scared. Outside her parents were fighting again. She heard the distinct sound of a slap followed by the sobs of her mother. Her stomach grumbled again. She drank a glass of water and put on her headphones to drown out the screams.

* * * * *

She picked up the frame which had a picture of them taken on their honeymoon. A tear fell on the happy smiling couple. She put the frame back on the table along with her mangalsutra, picked up her suitcase and left without looking back…leaving behind a note. ‘I told you I would never tolerate cheating.’

* * * * *

I would also like to know what would you have done if you were in these women's shoes...

If you had been slapped by your 'better half'? What would you have done? Suffered silently or slapped him right back?

What if you were fighting with your husband / wife, and you saw your little girl watching you with tear-filled eyes? Would you stop for her sake?

What if you found out your husband cheated on you? Would you forgive him? give him another chance? Or would you, like this woman, have the courage to leave him?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

His & Hers (III)

Continuing with the His & Hers series...

The idea for this post came when I was in the parlour (all the girls and some of the boys would understand that it is not all massages and pampering!). To divert my mind from the pain being inflicted on my poor eyebrows, I started thinking about my two friends who had gone to see the latest release - The social network... and this story just formed in my head!

Here goes (I hope you like it)

Finally, the day had come. He was going to meet her at last. so much planning and research had gone to make sure this meeting happens. on his way to the restaurant he was thinking of that day, some six months before, when he had first seen her. It was on Facebook. She was smiling at him from a friend's friend's picture. Tall, voluptuous, good-looking, with a strand of hair falling over her one eye. her hand stopped in mid-motion of putting the alleged hair back in it's place. one look at her round face, her full lips, her dark eyes and he knew, he had to meet her. he scrolled down to see if the picture was tagged. obviously it was! he clicked on her tag. obviously her profile was locked. These girls!! but at least he had her name. he searched the friend's profile where he had seen her picture. looking at posts after post. finally he saw, she had mentioned the address of her blog, urging the friend to read and comment. he clicked on the blog link. read it... all the posts in one go! now, he knew all about her. 'how can i contact her without seeming desperate?' email id... for feedback. Bingo! He sent her a mail from a fake id. she replied asking him who he was. he smiled, now, thinking how then he had claimed he had meant to send it to someone else with a similar sounding id. honest mistake. she had mailed back saying it's fine but he should take care in the future. he had then replied by saying that he wont bother her again but how it is fate that he sent it to her. he apologized again and told her he'll never mail her again. gentleman's promise. He smiled thinking about it now, 'fate'... such a small word but such a big impact it had had on her. after all he had read her blog. he knew what all she believed in. and as expected she had mailed him back and that's how the correspondence began. and now six months have passed and finally he would meet her. all the hard work of the past months would finally bear fruits. the lying and pretending would end...finally! he was tired of behaving like the guy she would be interested in. only today! last day! That beautiful face and body would be in his arms... just a matter of hours! he had already selected his next target. after he is done with her, he'll move on to her. he smiled slyly.

Finally, the day had come. She was going to meet him at last. She smiled thinking about how they had met. how romantic it was. he had sent her a mail accidentally. such an honest mistake. at first she had thought that was what it is. just a mistake. then in the next mail, what he had sent had made her realize, it was anything but... 'fate' such a powerful term. she was big believer in fate and destiny. she had even written a post on it. it was indeed fate that he mailed her. and the innocence with which he had apologized and the sincerity he had shown had won her over. unlike other members of his sex, he had not asked to take the correspondence forward. he had not shown any interest in her. that's what touched her. she had always had men falling around her but for once she wanted someone to see her... what she was inside... rather than her beauty. she had mailed him back telling her about her similar beliefs in destiny and that's how the conversation started. they had so much in common... without even meeting him, she knew he was the one for her. and now six months later, they were going to see each other for the first time. she let out a nervous giggle. She had suggested that they exchange pictures to identify one another but he had refused, he is different from other men. Finally she had met someone who loves her mind and not her body. she smiled shyly.

P.S. this is a fictional account. resemblance with any person or situation is co-incidental! ;)

P.P.S. - People take care and be safe!

Monday, November 8, 2010

His & Hers (II)

I am planning to make His & Hers into a series... this series will be a section of short stories where sometimes conflicting and sometimes agreeable emotions of both the sexes would be visible... sometimes he and she will fall in love and sometimes the love story would end in tragedy, you never know... keep reading and keep commenting! :)

He was waiting at the Metro station. He looked at the watch again. 9am. She would be coming in at any second. He looked towards the gates and she was there. She was wearing a baby pink salwar kameez today. the flimsy dupatta was flapping in the air and so was her waist-length hair. she was looking beautiful.. He looked at her and smiled. She was on the phone, as usual. She ignored him and walked past him towards the metro train that had stopped at the station. she went inside and stood by the gate, still whispering on the phone. He also got inside and stood at a distance away from her, but he could still see her when she started playing with a strand of hair... absentmindedly or when she started laughing at something the person on the other side of the line must have said. He kept staring at her when the train passed underground and the signal went dead. He kept staring when she looked at the phone, disappointed. He kept looking at her when she put the phone in her bag and stared out the window. He kept looking when she started chewing on her lips, lost in thought. He kept staring when she suddenly smiled, maybe thinking something someone had said long back. He kept looking when she walked past him once more to get off the coach. he also got down and followed her, at a distance. She suddenly turned around. He stopped short. He forgot to breathe. she was looking straight at him. he could see her oval face, her kohl-lined eyes, the tiny bindi on her forehead. she smiled, looked down, turned around and walked back... out the gates and out the metro station. This had never happened before. She had never ever smiled looking at him...not in the last seven months that he had first seen her. he never thought she would notice him, ever! He felt happy. A warm feeling filled him and he turned around and crossed over to the other side with a big smile. Her face as she had smiled and then looked down shyly swam in front of her eyes. he went back to the Metro station where both of them had started this journey. he would come back again at 5:30pm to go to that station where he left her this morning, so that they can come back together. This was his routine. these metro rides had become the highlight of his days. what does it matter that he had been getting late to work for the last seven months. what does it matter that his boss had threatened to fire him if he didn't pull up his socks. All that mattered was that she had turned back... and she had smiled. that's all that matters.

She went into the metro station. how she hated these long rides to work. the only thing that made it worthwhile was his phone call. she was talking to him as she entered the gates. she saw the metro train just pulling in. she thanked God and walked in. He was making plans of meeting in the evening. She had dressed up because he was going to introduce her to his mother. big day today. Everything has to be perfect. She had worn pink. his mother's favourite colour. she was hoping his mother would like her. he was comforting her and suddenly he stopped talking. she looked at the phone. the signal had gone dead.She put it in her bag and looked outside. she was nervous. She had such plans of their future. And then she remember how he had started calling her his wife. she smiled. her station came and she got down... lost in her own thoughts. she was walking towards the gate when she thought she saw him. she turned back and looked at him. he was as tall as him but... no, he was someone else. she smiled at her foolishness. how can he be here... he is at work. on the other side of the city. she looked down and walked out of the gate. She will not come back here in the evening and maybe, if everything goes right she would never have to come here ever again. she took out her phone from the bag and called him and smiled as he called her his wife again.

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