Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lappy Troubles

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been updating my blog... all thanks to my faithless and uncooperative laptop! It has decided to have a mind of his own and as a result of that, it has stopped responding to the start button! It turns on when it feels like it, but on most of the occasions, we just have a staring match with me staring at the blank screen and losing my patience and it staring back at me with all the time in the world. The match almost always turns out with me switching it off in frustration and it smiling back at me in smug satisfaction. I am not kidding, it does look like it's smiling with his stupid square jawline! Today, with some luck and lot of persistence I have finally managed to make the dumb machine start up. Hence, the post. 

Sometimes, I wonder if it's not a transformer who turns into some awesome machine when I am not looking! I know it's a little far-fetched and it's actually not a transformer. How I wish it was one though... ;) I would have called him Red Riding Hood, just because it's hood is red.  And I am sure it would be a she transformer... (Did I not tell you about the mood swings, just in the above paragraph?!) This makes me wonder why isn't there a single female transformer in the movie series?! Maybe the absence of women is the reason why the Autobots and the Decepticons are at war with each other and destroy their own planet! Now you see, how important it is to have a female perspective. I am sure if there were She Transformers, they would have talked everything out and their planet would still be at peace and not in pieces! So, stop killing women lest you want Earth to go the Cybertron way! (It could be about anything and I can turn into a women-centric post! God, I am a feminist! ;) )

Anyway, I digress... This stupid non-transformer-but-irritating-machine a.k.a laptop has ruined my dream of publishing 365 posts on 365 days. In other words my 365 day challenge has gone down the drain and I have also lost a follower (::Sob::Sob::)

So, if you want me to keep on publishing on a regular basis, help me buy a new laptop... and I don't mean advice on which is the best machine in the market, I mean monetary help! (I kid... NOT!) ;)

And yeah I almost forgot... I hate Technology! (No specific relation, just saying!)


  1. ha ha.. interesting post.. :P better servicing your laptop before it decides to R.I.P.. :P BTW, liked the idea of female transformers.. who knows, we may see them in coming sequels.. And I don't think having them will end the war.. it might give more reasons to have another war:P

  2. lol...you described your frustration with great humor...good luck with the money for your laptop...

    and yes...without women, we would kill ourselves to death by fighting...and with them, we will probably kill ourselves to get them...we the stupid fighters...


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