Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Men Want!

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What Women Want... People (by people I mean Men) have wondered about this topic since eternity, movies have even been made on it... remember that one staring Mel Gibson... anyway, what about Men? have we, women, ever wondered what men want? maybe occasionally, once or twice, when we have been unfortunate in dating that ever-so-reclusive guy who wouldn't admit what does he really want! most of the time, women just keep wandering aimlessly, analyzing the male species' every move to figure out what he actually wants from us? does he want us to make the first move? does he want us to appear shy? does he like to chase us? what does he want us to do?!

Most of the times, i believe men are also clueless about what they actually want! In my 25 years on Earth, I have realized that men are pretty simple creatures, basically they are babies, who want the basics from life... here is what I have observed men want us to know - 
  • When they are young, I mean when men were boys, all of them either want to be in the army or become a pilot.
  • They eventually want to start a business. no matter how much money they make in their respective careers, men want to slog only for themselves...someday.
  • every man, once in his lifetime after working for n number of years, thinks about marrying a rich girl and becoming a house husband!
  • men, sometimes, wish they were born as a woman!!
  • they fantasize... about, you know... a lot. every other minute or so...
  • they want to date the hottest girl in town but would want to marry the one who can cook! 
  • all of them are mama's boys... forever. the sooner you accept it, the happier you'll be. never, and i mean never ever, come between a man and his mother. she is and will always be the first woman in his life.
  • they don't want to have deep conversations about where the relationship is going. if they are with you, it is going someplace... that someplace could change with time.
  • when they come home from work, they want some peace and quiet for at least ten minutes. 
  • When they say yes, they mean yes. when they say no, they mean no. they want you to understand that and not analyze their every word.
  • Men would tell you they want women to make the first move... they don't. winning over a woman gives them a high! (rolling eyes!)
  • they don't speculate, neither do they want you, yes you girls, to speculate. they want you to let the relationship take its own course and not dissect every move they make and every word they say.
  • All men lie. it could be white lies, big ones or small fibs. they do, everyone of them. and they believe and want you to believe that they do it for your own good.
  • Men, whatever they might say, like to chase the woman of their dreams... but only till that time they deem fit. if it goes on for too long, they lose interest. if it is too short, they don't get the sense of achievement.
  • They want to give you a surprise for your birthdays and anniversaries but a little help from your side about what you would want to do would really help them.
  • Men don't remember dates. they will not remember the first time you looked at each other, the first time you touched or the first time you fought. if you want them to remember, remind them.
  • And now borrowing from a movie, "He is just not that into you." if they take your number and don't call you, they want you to understand, well... they are not just that into you. calling them back, making them remember who you are will not work.
  • some of them would do and say anything, and i mean anything, to get you into bed. and after that they would also want you to forgive them as well.
  • they can sense when you are emotionally vulnerable... and sadly some of them prey on those vulnerable ones.
  • Men want space. they don't want to tell you what they did every second of the day. neither do they want to know what you ate for lunch and how many bites you had.
  • They want you to know that if they are watching TV, playing video games, watching sports and you are talking, even though they will say that they are listening but they obviously are not.
  • Men are slobs. they don't want you to tidy up after them. if they leave everything on the table, let it be on the table. it makes it easier to find their stuff without the hassle of getting into drawers and cupboards.
  • Men need and want their Boys' Night out where they can drink and just forget about everything else.
  • they don't want you to interpret their silence. when they are ready, they will tell you. 
  • All men want to be good at flirting. some of them are, most of them are not.
  • They don't get hints, not direct hints not subtle hints, neither can they read your mind. they want you to tell them in clear words what do you actually want them to do.
  • Men have never and never will ask for directions. even if their life depended on it. they just want you to accept that.
  • if something is bothering you, tell them. they don't want to play the guessing game. 
  • Men, most of them, hate shopping unless it is for gadgets or for them or gadgets for them. 
  • They want you to know that if they are with you and look at another woman, that doesn't mean they don't love you. they are just programmed like that. they have to have to look!
  • Men love their cars, especially their first car and no matter how much more he loves you, you will not be allowed to drive it... for a long long time.
  • Men forget... not only anniversaries and birthdays or to tell you about important conversation they had with your parents, they forget bad ugly fights too!
  • Men, unlike women, are not very big fans of foreplay and the cuddles that come after... they are more interested in what happens between those two!
  • Men gossip... they will never accept it but they do.
  • Men don't like to talk about their past nor do they want to know about yours in excruciating detail. just a number of how many men you dated before him would do.Let it be like that.
  • Men also get jealous... they just don't want to show it to you and scare you off.
These are some of the things that i think Men want us, the weaker sex (Ha!) to know...

If you know more, you are welcome to leave a comment and add to this list ;)

And if i think of more, i will update it as well!

happy reading...

P.S. This is written in jest. Men, take it with a pinch of salt!

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  1. Hi,

    Sandeep here. Am Prabal's friend. Had a nice time reading this and sharing it with my colleagues in office. Everyone agrees with this list irrespective of the gender. Grt going. carry on!!!

  2. thanks sandeep :)
    Keep reading and spreading the word... thank you so much :)

  3. Very True... Each and every point!

  4. Pinch of salt? We men can't take hints, remember?...;)

  5. Hi Megha, If you follow these principles as well..Will you marry me? ;-)
    Awesome post, you do know about Men.

  6. Wow when I started reading I thought it would be another post from a girl stereotyping men as drunken douchebags...but I was pleasantly surprised.Good to see you didn't generalize and yet managed to touch on most of the stuff pretty accurately.And yes we do like to gossip but not much-it gets boring after some time.And agreed on the slobs point.If I leave something on the floor I expect it to be on the floor when I look again-I dont need anyone cleaning it up :D

    Great post.Keep it up!

  7. i loved the post..specially dis line..:"They want you to know that if they are with you and look at another woman, that doesn't mean they don't love you. they are just programmed like that. they have to have to look!"..:)..Nitika

  8. why oh why? all you wrote was about men and relationships... are you saying there is nothing more that men want?

  9. Un****ing believable.. List is almost perfect.. thumbs up

  10. thank you everyone for the response... it is seriously overwhelming :)
    and bharat... actually this post is about what men want women to know... and i have put in some points about career, cars, gadgets and the like... if you have more... you are welcome to add! ;)

  11. honest post & very very true....loved it, would like to add this one - men are emotional too, Don't expect to be manly & without tears, they need an emotional hug , daily dose of love !

  12. hi megha, lovely post .. i agree with almost all points you have put up
    drop over on our blog to read my version as well ...

  13. i second u on every point.... we should better accept them the way they are, man and women are different and that difference only attracts them to each other ;)

  14. I disagree with you on 80% of the points, it's just stereotyping...
    You need to distinguish between the sheeple and the real guys...

  15. hey i am kumar gautam's frnd...just gone through ur blog...awsome...very well composed...100% agreement.

  16. Also, Men like reading about "What men want" than "What women want" so they can read it and smile at themselves for being exactly the way its written. :-)

  17. thank you everyone for appreciating :)
    and vivek... i was not trying to stereotype... i was written what i have experienced majority of the men behave... but as they say exceptions are always there ;)

  18. must say....profound observations....and pretty accurate too... :)

  19. Congratulations Wifey :) That was an awesome win. Keep writing. We do agree on some points don't we ;)

  20. thanks so called civil engineer and caterpillar (amazing names by the way! ;) )

    thank you patidev... and yes we do agree on some points ;)

  21. Wow...I call my hubby patidev too. sometimes...ha.ha

  22. Hmm....Nice article...So true!

    Very very close observation!

  23. congrats Megha!
    this is an awesome post. made me laugh out loud and agree all the way!

  24. I agree with you but there are three points I personally won't have done/thought and will never do/think. They are:

    1. every man, once in his lifetime after working for n number of years, thinks about marrying a rich girl and becoming a house husband!

    2. men, sometimes, wish they were born as a woman!!

    3. Men, unlike women, are not very big fans of foreplay and the cuddles that come after... they are more interested in what happens between those two!

    For the third point I would say that they were men from earlier generations. Even now, I know some men will be like the previous ones but not me.

  25. Amazing n yeah u right men r babies..would like to add
    thy love getting pampered. they'll show agitation when women pamper them but yes from within thy feel on the top the world..

    They very emotional, won't show but yes .. they might be rock solid from above but within they very soft and a loving hug and a loving smile makes wonders for them..

    Overall reading all what u wrote men r cute... hehe and to let them b happy in there dreamworld is gud and side by side we can tame them :)

    Awesum introspection...

  26. Dear Megha
    Super super stuff, this.. I am amazed you know so much about men (and that too with precision).
    Super work Megha. i loved every word that you have written. way to go.!!
    God bless you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    A Man.!

  27. Very True. Now you should write "what women want" as well. Just to enlighten us the men folk:)

  28. Dear Ms. Megha,

    Fits the bill and ready for another fill from the above.



  29. Sairam you should check the post - 'Mystery' it is what women want ;)

    And thank you everyone for liking this post and making it the most loved post! :D

  30. Hey megha

    Nice writing, and I tell you again.. I like your style of writing. However, I don't agree on some points, or may be as you said, it could be with people what you have came across... This really gives me a topic to write on.. let me see how much I know about women :)

    Keep writing..

  31. How about this? Men are pretty good at work that needs very less thinking but is laborious given their physical strength is generally better. But if u ask them to do 2 tasks at a time which involves no labor or thinking, they panic. Does not mean they don't have brains.

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