Saturday, April 10, 2010


Surrounded by many, I walk alone,
Amidst all the smiles, the tear falls lone...
After every silent night comes another silent day,
Words die inside but I do have so much to say...
Will anyone ever listen to these unspoken thoughts?
Will anyone ever see what is hidden or will it just rot?
Questions, questions!! I tried to look for answers but I don’t know,
Nothing is ever going to change; maybe it's time to just let it go...
But how can I give up so soon?! How can I end that dream cherished for so long?
Tomorrow is a new day, I will sing and everyone will listen to my song!
I won’t bury the sounds inside my mind anymore,
I won’t let the music fade away down in my core…
Every day is a blank page, I will write my own history,
I will not let the pen stop, and THAT will be my victory!

1 comment:

  1. Sitting here, uselessly staring at my monitor
    Flirting with Mouse, clicking here and there
    Bole to your words..make the words Flyyyy..keep it up
    keep blogging
    Abhishek soni


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