Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Me... Explained!

I am naughty and I am nice,
I am dumb but I am wise...

I can be sugar and I can be spice,
You think I am a fool but I have deep knowledge in my eyes...

I am quite mature but I love being immature at times,
I can stay alone but I still love to have you by my side.

I am not fussy and adjust easily, you should know I go silent when I am angry,
I get frustrated pretty quickly and get quite irritable when I am hungry!
I dance in the rains and I laugh to hide my pain,
after reading this you might think i am quite insane!

I am truthful to the core, but I lie occasionally,
I am always in control but sometimes I do act silly!

I can be selfish and I tend to be jealous,
but you see I am honest, and generally I am selfless!

I love to relax and laze around and bask in all the attention,
but when there is work, i pull up my socks and refrain from any diversion!

I am emotional,  and I am more of a giver,
but I can be practical...you know what, I am a paradox of nature!

I am not completely black and I am also not all white,
I am somewhere in between, I am Grey... yeah, that's right! (make the link people!)

I respect others but I respect myself too,
I hate no one, but I dislike quite a few!

I can take care of you and everyone else, yes that is quite true,
But I absolutely adore when a fuss is created about me by you!

Sometimes I am harsh, I am rude, I am blunt and I am straightforward,
I can't mince words and some say I am pretty good at showing the mirror!

I can be soft and I can be gentle,
I can be sane and at the same time absolutely mental!

I am a hopeless romantic and sometimes at happy endings I do cry,

but even while life has been unfair, my eyes have been dry!

I know you want to know me inside out but you dare not pry,
I am Me and I will never change, how much you will try!


  1. Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!! And very true too..

  2. this is very true of u. some lines got tears in my eyes. from here u got this sensetive side? never ever stop writing, kuch bhi ho jaye.god bless.

  3. very heart touching verse!!!!

  4. First of all, Its such a well written one..
    We all know ourselves.. But to quote it in such a way needs talent.. so Good Job Girl.. !!!

    Second of all, Since we share our birthdays with a gap of some couple of hours.. This whole poem suited me almost 95%.. So i could connect with your thoughts in a stronger way..

    Good Job and Good Luck..
    Keep Writing.. :)

  5. Thanks everyone... keep reading and posting comments! :)


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