Monday, June 17, 2013


She was soaring high in the skies. She loved his gentle tugs, those intimate pulls . . . they reminded her that she was not alone. He was there, on solid ground, but letting her fly. In fact, he was the one who had seen her potential . . . Who had inspired her, gave her wings. She knew he'll be there, alert and ready to run and catch her if she ever fell. After all they shared a strong bond. Smiling, she flew this way and that, taking in the sun. Suddenly, she felt something was wrong. . . The bond that she had thought was unbreakable, the tie that held them together had snapped. She was free. 
'But I don't want to be free!' 
She wanted to run back in his arms. 
'He must be missing me too. He must be lonely like me.' 
She turned to look back. He was caressing another. He was looking at the new love in his life the same way he used to look at her. His hands moving along her delicate body the same way as they had done on hers. She was seething with anger. 
'He is mine!' 
But she didn't know what to do. He was her guiding light . . . Had always been one. 
'Without him, i am nothing.' 
She fell to the floor, limp and broken. 
For me, he was my whole world. For him, I guess I was just another kite.


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