Thursday, April 10, 2014

Read, Write... Repeat!

He asked, 'Why do you read so much?'
She simply said, 'Because I write.'
He said, 'I don't understand.'
She explained, 'you see, for me reading and writing are intricately linked. Be it a small post, a short story or a novel... when you write anything, you bare yourself to strangers for them to scrutinize, understand, or criticize you. When you write, you, inadvertently, pour a tiny portion of your soul into the piece. In addition to your words; your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions also flow out from the deep recesses of your mind to the paper... or in today's case on the screen.'
She smiled.
'I still don't follow you,' he said, confused.
'Reading is voyeuristic. When you read something, it's like taking a peek into the writer's mind. It broadens your worldview... you get to glimpse someone else's soul and you take something from them. It adds to your personality. You form new ideas, you experience new things... So, when you write you give something of yours and when you read, you gain a part from someone else. So, in that way, you can say reading helps to replenish oneself.'
'Okay,' he finally understood except for one thing, 'So, why do you write in the first place?'
She smiled, mischievously, 'Because I read.'

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