Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Moden Woman

'Have some butter,' Meera said pushing the butter dish towards her friend.

'No, no! I don't want it... as it is the paranthas have so much ghee!' Sia pressed a paper napkin on her stuffed parantha to soak up the extra ghee.

'C'mon once a while it doesn't matter. It is homemade, you'll like it.'

She placed a big dollop on her friend's plate.

'Homemade butter?! Who does that anymore? You should really move with the times, Meera. Leave these old-fashioned grehini type nuskhe for your grandmother.'

Meera just smiled.

'Don't mind but you should consider a makeover as well,' Sia said taking a tiny bite of the parantha.

 'Makeover? Why?' She asked adjusting the pallu of her chiffon sari, 'I think I look nice!'

'Nice? You look like a behenji! I guess somethings never change... you were like this in college too. I still remember your Kurta and jeans combo!' She laughed heartily.

'So what's wrong in that. I like wearing suits and sarees. You be happy with your couture pieces,' Meera said glancing at her friend's stylish dress.

Sia shrugged and took a sip from her glass of water, 'You are my friend and I just want you to be modern, like me.'

Before Meera could respond, Sia continued, 'Anyway, did you hear about Natasha?'

Meera shook her head, 'What about her?'

'She is a lesbian,' Sia whispered with her eyes wide open.

'And?' Meera asked, confused.

'Don't you find it disgusting? We had sleepovers with her!' She said making a face as if repulsed.

'What's disgusting about it? It's natural. It's her life. Let her decide if she wants to sleep with men or women,' Meera got up and started clearing the table.

'Natural?! It's not normal. No wonder she was so touchy feely all the time.'

Meera sighed audibly, 'I don't know what to say,' she simply said not wanting to fight.

'Well, you shouldn't be saying anything. You shouldn't be supporting her. She's a criminal. It's against the law to indulge in this... this... unnatural act!'

'It's her sexual orientation, it's natural. The 'law' is man-made. Nature can't be wrong but rules can be.'

'I can't believe you are defending that freak!'

'I can't believe you are calling our friend a freak.'

'I have unfriended her on facebook. Maybe I should delete you too!'

With that 'modern' Sia left, slamming the door behind her... leaving behind a stunned 'old-fashioned' Meera cradling dish with her homemade butter.

Who's modern and who's old-fashioned... you decide.


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