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Love at First Sight?

My Little Writing Project

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Chapter Thirteen

‘Love at first sight or Lust at first sight?’

11th August

Let’s make it a night to remember . . .
At first Mukti thought it was playing in her mind. Apt song.
January to December . . .

Then realization hit her.
That’s my phone.
She had changed her ring tone a couple of weeks earlier when she had gone out for a girl’s night out with her friends.

She tried to get up but Rajveer’s hold just tightened, “Don’t go.” He cuddled close to her and she whispered, “I have to get my phone.” He whispered something inaudible. Mukti discreetly untangled herself from him. She got up and put on his shirt lying abandoned on the floor where she had thrown it last night. The phone had stopped ringing. She looked back at the sleeping Rajveer. The sheets were covering him only partially. She could see his chest rising and falling with every breath. She could also see that he had a smile lingering on his lips and there was a love bite on his neck as well.

Now where did that come from? Ahhh . . . And a sudden shyness crept over her. She went into the washroom to freshen up, gathering her things on the way. She didn’t know what had gotten over her. She splashed some water on her face and the events of last evening flashed through her mind.

She remembered him asking her for a cup of coffee at his house. They had driven from the coffee shop to his house in GK (II) in his Honda city. As soon as Mukti sat down in the car, she was engulfed by the same smell she had encountered in the restaurant.

“Don’t you take a bath? Or wash your car? It is stinking.”
“Oh come on! This is the aroma of cute puppies!” he said taking in a long breath.
“Puppies? You have puppies?” Mukti loved animals. She had always wanted a dog but since her mother was allergic, she had never managed to own a pet.

“I am a pet hotelier.” He said starting the engine.
“A what?” Mukti thought she heard it wrong.
“A pet hotelier? I own a hotel for pets,” he said nonchalantly.

“Is that a real thing? Are you joking?” Mukti asked innocently, “See I don’t know you well enough just yet to know when you are serious and when you are kidding.”

“I am serious. I own a luxurious hotel where people can leave their pets while they go for a holiday. I have a staff of over fifty people who take care of our furry guests. There have been times when I have had to ferry pets in my car, hence the smell.”
“You are serious,” Mukti stared at him.

He nodded. “The hotel – PetCare – is equipped to take care of dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even reptiles.”
“Wow! That’s awesome.”

Rajveer talked about his various clients and how some of them are so eccentric as to demand to know the thread count of the towel that might be used to dry their precious dogs.

“I even have staff to give a manicure to cats. And you won’t believe it, they seem to enjoy it very much.”
Mukti started laughing, “Who? The cats or your staff?”
“My feline friends.”

He stopped his car in front of a huge white bungalow with a sprawling garden in the front. Mukti gulped, “You live here?”
“For the time being. This is my parents’ house. My apartment is being remodeled and they are out of town so I thought let me use my old room for a while,” he said getting out of the car.

Mukti stepped out and looked at the bungalow again. It was two stories high and was gleaming in the moonlight. Rajveer held her hand and led her through the wrought iron gates.
‘What the hell are you doing Mukti? You don’t know him!’

Mukti hesitated a little, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”
“You can trust me and you can leave whenever you feel like. Plus I have very nosy neighbours, one scream and someone or the other would come to your rescue,” he winked.
‘I hope it doesn’t come to that!’

Mukti allowed him to lead her into the bungalow. The interiors were tastefully done. She could spot a Hussain hanging behind the couch. There was a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling reflecting the light and shining like a bejewelled crown.

“So, Mr. Singhania, I take it you are rich.”
“Nah, my parents are rich. I am your average Joe trying to make ends meet.”
Mukti smiled at the memory of using the same line just some hours before with Nita. Rajveer motioned her to follow him up the stairs. She trailed behind him, up the spiral staircase all the while running her hands on the smooth marble railing. She reached the first floor and saw him standing in front of a room opening the door for her. She smiled and entered inside a huge room.

“This is as big as my whole apartment,” she gulped.
The room had a huge round bed in the centre. There was a walk-in closet on one side and a balcony on the other. The room was spic-n-span, very unlike her messy apartment. There was a blown-up picture of Rajveer playing with a Labrador adorning a wall behind the bed.

“You have a dog?” she said looking back at Rajveer who was on an intercom ordering two cups of coffee, “you have servants?”
“My parents have servants, I do not. I do, however, have--” he pointed at the picture behind the bed, “Charlie.”

“Where is he?”
“At PetCare. I have gifted Charlie a luxurious weekend stay at my hotel,” he smiled. Mukti noticed that whenever he smiled, he crinkled his eyes as well. So endearing.

“So, now since you know that I am a pet hotelier, it is only fair if you tell me what do you do? I hope you are not a serial killer?” he joked.
“No, I am a writer . . .  at least I think I am,” she sighed.

She walked over to the balcony and looked down. She could see the lush green garden underneath with dew drops glistening in the moonlight. There was a swing on one side swaying lightly because of the cool breeze. She shivered slightly. She felt Rajveer draping her lightly with his jacket that was too big for her. He noticed that his hands lingered on her shoulders a minute more than necessary.

“This is all I have,” he whispered.
“Thank you,” Mukti snuggled inside the jacket breathing in the fresh lavender scent.

“You said you think you are a writer . . .” he asked tentatively. He was standing very close to Mukti with their arms brushing together.

“Uh . . .” It took her a moment to gather her thoughts and form a coherent sentence, “I am working on a novel right now. Until it is published, I can’t say I am a writer right?” she turned to look at him, smiling. Rajveer was standing right next to her. She could see the colour of her light brown eyes. She smiled a little at the fact that he had sprayed on some perfume and didn’t smell like a walking talking dog anymore. He took a step closer. Their noses almost touched. Mukti’s heart skipped a beat because of the proximity.

He murmured softly, “Since the time I have seen you, this is what I have wanted to do. I am going to kiss you now. If you step back, I will stop there only. But if you don’t, then I won’t be able to stop myself.”

He leaned in closer and she closed her eyes . . . waiting to feel his soft lips. It was the most magical kiss she had had. As soon as their lips touched she felt herself floating out of her body and watching the scene from above. After what seemed like eternity, he stepped back and picked her up in his arms. Mukti felt light as a feather as if she had not a care in the world. She clung to him tightly holding on to his strong taut chest. He laid her down gently on the bed as if she was made of wax and would break at the slightest force. She closed her eyes. A strand of hair had fallen on her face; he gently tucked it behind her ear and kissed her forehead. It was then she had opened her eyes to see him staring at her looking for a sign to ensure him that this was okay.

This time she had taken the initiative and kissed him back with abandon, letting go of all shyness. He had responded with equal passion.

“Let’s make love, sweet and tender . . .”

Shit! The phone!

Her ring tone brought her back from her stupor. She ran outside, blushing, and picked it up before it awoke Rajveer.

“Hello?” she said panting.
“Where the hell have you been? I have been worried sick? Are you all right? If you hadn’t picked up now I was about to call the police! Where are you? Did that guy turn out to be a creep?” Came a volley of questions from Nits.

“Hi, I am fine,” Mukti replied back breathing heavily.
“Why are you panting?”
“I was just running to grab the phone,” she said steadying herself.

“Really?! How boring. I thought maybe you were with your nerdy internet guy,” Nits said mischievously.

“Oh you were right. He was a creep…” she began.
And just about then a pair of hands came from behind and wrapped themselves around her waist. Rajveer kissed her neck and said in his early morning sexy voice, “Good morning Mukti. I am glad you are still here. I am not done with you yet,” he said kissing her on the other side as well.

“Who is that?” Nits asked curiously, “I thought that guy turned out to be a creep?”
“I’ll be right with you,” Mukti said giving Rajveer a peck, “Yes he was, so you were right in saying that he would turn out to be one but I was also right that you can always find love through the internet,” Mukti said smiling.

“I see. Details please,” asked Nits.
“I have got to go now. I’ll tell you later.”

“Where are you going?”
“To my knight in shining armor,” Mukti said smiling at Rajveer, “bye.”
“Kids.” Said Nits and hung up smiling to her.

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