Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kya Zindagi Gulzaar Hai…?

What if the recently-concluded famous Pakistani serial – Zindagi Gulzaar Hai – was made in India:

  • ·         It would be called ‘Kyunki Zindaagi Gulzaar Hai’.
  • ·         Zaroon would have wanted to marry Kashaf not because he admired her character but to make her life miserable and to exact revenge on her for what happened in college… even though it was his fault.
  • ·          Kashaf would have agreed to marry Zaroon because of some emotional drama from her mother and sisters; and also because she was always secretly in love with him *wink*wink*
  • ·         Zaroon’s mother and sister would have agreed to the match halfheartedly and would have vowed to break the alliance as soon as possible. ::Vamp Alert::
  • ·         The original serial ended in 26 episodes; in the Indian version 26 episodes would be devoted only for ‘The Wedding of The Decade – Zaroon Weds Kashaf!!’
  • ·         After marriage, Kashaf’s character would undergo a major transformation and she would turn form a headstrong career woman into a doormat smiling through all the ‘torture’ from Zaroon and his family’s end and shedding truckloads of tears when alone.
  • ·         Kashaf would try and make Zaroon fall in love with her through her unconditional love and undying devotion.
  • ·         Zaroon would eventually fall in love with Kashaf after she undergoes a physical transformation and turns into a ‘supermodel’.
  • ·         They would have few episodes of marital bliss that would be showcased through them slow-dancing in endless parties and functions on soppy filmi songs.
  • ·          Their small misunderstanding regarding Asmaira would be turned into a huge deal… all thanks to Zaroon’s mother and sister… and would be stretched for a minimum of hundred episodes.
  • ·         They would remain separated but would not file for divorce because they secretly would always love each other. *Sob*Sob*
  • ·          There would be a leap of 20 years during which the little girls would be all grown up – one would be a fiery extrovert and other would be a shy introvert.
  • ·         After 20 years, everyone would still look the same with just a few grey strands here and there… which would also disappear in the subsequent episodes.
  • ·          The twins would be working with Zaroon (who instead of a civil servant would be a business tycoon by now) without realizing that he is their father! *gasp*
  • ·         After a couple of hundred episodes, Zaroon and Kashaf would be reunited… thanks to the daughters.
  • ·         Eventually, both the daughters would fall in love with *surprise*surprise* Asmaira’s son! *GASP*
  • ·         The Kashaf-Zaroon-Asmaira love-triangle would be explored again.

And on and on and on it will go… till the end of time!!

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