Friday, January 7, 2011

Hers & His... An interpretation :)

Hers - 

She was walking briskly on the dark road. the streetlights were also not working. she was scared and kept looking behind after every few minutes. she was alone. she checked her watch. 8:45pm. she started walking faster. she cursed her boss for giving that extra report at the last minute. it was then that she heard him... the distinct roar of a bike's engine. she turned around, expecting the worse. she couldn't see him. he was still far away. she blinked in the glare of the strong yellow headlights. the bike came near her and the engine died down. she could see the driver now. he was taking off his helmet. she suddenly realized that he could be anyone! she started walking away when she heard him call her name. once again she turned around, confused. he had taken off his helmet. she was relieved to see that it was him. she had seen him once or twice in the office. she smiled. He offered to drive her home. she thanked him and she got on his bike. they zoomed off. As she sat behind him, she kept wondering what was his name? but then thought, who cares. She just has to make through the drive, then again they will turn into polite strangers who would change pleasantries once in a while in the corridor. she was not getting married to him after all! it was just a lift.

His -

It had become his daily routine... to leave after she leaves and then drive past her hoping all the while that she would notice him. but it was his bad luck, she was never alone. always surrounded by those giggling colleagues. But today, he somehow knew he will get his chance. she was working late and so left the office alone, her entourage had already long gone. he saw her walking alone and drove past her. this time he stopped and asked her if she wanted a lift. she had agreed. maybe she was scared walking alone on this dark dingy road. whatever it was he had got lucky! he had got his chance! as she sat behind him, smiling politely,  he couldn't help but grin. and then she put her hand on his waist and he felt a jolt. this is it. today is the beginning of their love story. who knows, they might end up getting married someday! his heart swelled up and he drove all the way with a big smile plastered on his face.


If you have been following His & Hers series (or even this is the first one you have ever read) you would realize that this series attempts at showing how one incident can look from two different points of view... generally from the girls perspective and from the guy's.  Take this case, for example... for the girl this is just a meaningless lift... a way for her to get home faster. but for the guy it obviously means much more than a solitary incident. now can you say that the girl is wrong for thinking of this as a one off incident or a co-incidence? or the guy is in the wrong who reads a lot in a small gesture? here you can interpret the girl as a selfish bitch using the guy or as an innocent scared girl who wants to reach the safety of her home. you can view the guy as a stalker or as a lovestruck aashiq... it depends on you. what do you think? is anyone in black? or in white? or are both in grey... ;)

Apart from blurring the distinction between right and wrong, this series also attempts to convey that reality is not same from all points of view.(As mentioned before) it is different for different people.  in this short fiction, from where the girl is standing, this looks like a con-incidence that the guy came when she wanted help. she is completely oblivious to the guy's previous attempts of getting her attention. She got on the bike not because she was attracted to him but because she was scared. From the guy's point of view, it was luck, divine intervention that after so many attempts he finally got his chance. He offered her a lift not because he drove there by chance but because he waited for her to leave and followed her as usual. see, how the girl's reality is different from the boy's reality and this difference is because these realities are incomplete for either of them. they don't know what the other person is thinking but for us who can see both of their situations... we know what is going on in its entirety.

this is fiction but as they say art mirrors life... in life also, what you see is not the complete reality. there are times when you have been angry with someone. when you don't understand how can someone behave like that or act like this. the solution, that helps me, is to look at the same problem from the other person's perspective. put yourself in his shoes (and don't run away as the PJ tells you to! :P) but try and understand what had prompted him to act like this... once you get the complete picture it makes it easier to make any decision. try it and let me know if it works for you.

P.S. Does this make sense? or you are just happy reading His & Hers and drawing your own conclusions without an interpretation forced down your throats? :P feedback welcome...

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