Sunday, January 2, 2011

Letter to 2011!

Dear 2011,

First of all I would like to welcome you with open arms. It is great to have you with me.  I hope you would enjoy it and love it as much as I would love working with you.

I know you have just arrived and it wouldn't be nice to drop in my heaps of expectation from you. but still... 2010 had been kick-ass fantastic. it was an year of firsts and very very special what with my grand wedding (first and last!); my equally fantabulous out-of-country honeymoon trip (a first again but hopefully not the last ;) ), my short stint with adventure water sports (definitely a last!), para sailing, riding an elephant (ditto as before! last, last... last!), cooking full time, being a semi-homemaker, living in kerala (six months was enough though!), staying at a five star for long periods of time etc etc... so you know 2011 what you are up against! the expectations from you are sky-high!

well, don't lose hope, even though 2010 was very good for my personal relationships everything was not alright on the professional front. 2010 was not completely rosy... I was unemployed (meaning I worked as a freelancer) for most part of the year which I would want to change with you. It's not that I minded my laid back lifestyle of working from home but sometimes I did miss the hectic pace of working at an actual office.  Also, I would want you, yes you 2011, to be the year i get into shape... other than round! I would appreciate your full co-operation in that regard. How you may ask? how can you help? umm... Turn into a leap year!! ;) Jokes apart, you leave that to me... you just concentrate on the other aspects.

Another thing where 2010 goofed up was on the family and friends area. I had to stay away from them for a long time and i missed them so much... it did make up on that ground in the last semester. But, I am quite happy to see that you have made amends on that account already. I can see that you have made plans with my family and friends so that I can spend some quality time with them. Keep up the good work!

As you might be aware I have just moved to a new city, Goa. From the outside everything looks great but as time passes we would know how that works out. For your sake, I hope it would be better that Kerala. ;) 

Anyway, I would do my bit and everything in my capacity to make you great-er than 2010 but nothing can be done without your support. I hope that you would not disappoint me. 2011, together we will kick 2010's ass! Gear up, there's a lot to do! ;) and we only have 365 days to do all that in.

So, cheers to our partnership...  Let's make you one rocking year!

Take care,

P.S. I also plan to make you an year where I learn something new. Let's discuss what that can be. I was thinking maybe a dance form... Salsa maybe? what do you think? Let me know, soon.

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  1. Things always turn out to be good when expectations are low...Hope you have a great year.


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