Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Darkness to Light

Broken and empty, she walked alone; 
Clutching tiny pieces of her heart, she wandered lost . . . Shielding her soul, hiding her tears, shying from prying eyes, shuddering at every helpful touch.
Months passed and years flew by, devoid of desires and scared of her dreams, she uttered a hopeless cry.
Opened her eyes and found him standing beside . . . Kind and considerate, warm and understanding.
Distrustful of even her own shadow, she ignored his friendly smiles.
He matched her steps, walking by her side . . . Silent but strong, he became her companion, her only ally.
No questions he asked, no answers were sought . . . He taught her to trust, to laugh, to live.
Soon, she was whole . . . Beautiful and full of sunshine. 
Her heart was healed, she was complete, he filled her very being.

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