Friday, April 19, 2013

The Oath of the New Mommies

  • Thou shall refrain from imparting your infinite wisdom about child-bearing as well as child-rearing until and unless asked explicitly.
  • Thou shall not judge other fellow new-mommies based on their parenting choices.
  • Thou shall not brag incessantly about your kid's every little achievement.
  • Thou shall not turn your baby into a show-doll demanding her to sing, dance, recite poems as per your fancy / to entertain guests. 
  • Thou shall not exclaim or gasp in horror as if the world has ended upon hearing that another baby has not reached a particular milestone at the same time as your baby.
  • Thou shall not impose your parenting techniques on others. 
  • Thou shall refrain from 'tut-tut'ing, sneering, rolling your eyes and /or passing a scathing comment on a fellow mommy who seems to be having trouble controlling her little explorer in a public place.
Something that I have learned in the last one year of being a Mommy. You are welcome to add to the list.   

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