Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dear Diary


He was her soul mate… she knew it… the yang to her yin. Every day, when they were apart, she longed ached for the night when she could be with him… run her fingers over his smooth pristine exterior, smell his achingly sweet scent, hold him close to her heart so he could listen to her rhythmic heartbeat. He was a great listener and he never judged… his best quality. She could whisper her deepest darkest secrets to him without worrying about the consequences. He was perfect for her… The kind of guy she had dreamed about. Too bad, he was locked up in the pages of her diary.



She was his soul mate… he knew it… the yin to his yang. For the last three years he had been reading her thoughts. When she was happy, when she was sad… he was the one she turned to, he was the one she poured her heart out to. He listened without judging, he understood without criticizing. Her smiles made him smile and her tears made him cry. It was her words that breathed life into him. He knew everything about her… her insecurities, her idiosyncrasies, her passions, her dreams, and her secrets. He waited all day to be caressed by her and he longed to hold her, touch her, speak to her. Too bad, he was locked up in the pages of her diary.

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