Monday, March 3, 2014

Anniversary Surprise

She uploaded the picture of her new iPad on Facebook and typed the caption - Midnight anniversary surprise from hubby dearest. Feeling blessed. Love you sweetheart!

 As expected, after a minute, likes and comments started pouring in.

'You are so lucky!'
'Envious... '
'Stay blessed babes.'
'Hold on to him... he loves you so much!'

She read each comment with a wry smile on her face. After a while, she started replying.
'I know he is the best! I had no idea... I am so lucky. Have the bestest husband.'

She looked up at him, munching his toast while reading the newspaper.

"Will you come home early tonight?"

"Why?" He replied without even looking at her.

"It's our anniversary. I thought we might go out for dinner..."

"Oh! That's why you bought that iPad. I got the message that you used the credit card. Anyway, I have a meeting I might be late. Bye."

He got up and left giving her a tiny peck on the cheek.

Her phone vibrated with a new notification.   
'Happy anniversary sweets. What plans for the evening?'

She wiped a lone tear streaking down her face.
'Don't know yet but he said he has another surprise planned! Can't wait for the evening ;p'

 A quote she had read recently popped into her head and she started smiling - We tell ourselves stories in order to live.

 Her servant brought out the cake and placed it in front of her. She waved him away and stared at the heart shaped cake she had baked for him. She clicked a picture before cutting it alone.

"Happy anniversary to us."

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