Friday, March 14, 2014

Need For Change

This is a small short that I had posted on my Facebook Page - The Grey Area

She was 29 and a well-educated career woman. She loved her single high-flying lifestyle. She also loved to travel and to party. With a string of unsuccessful relationships in her past, she distrusted commitment and was not really hopeful about marriage. But, still to humor her parents, she met prospective husbands regularly. Honestly though, she was putting away a size able chunk of her fat pay-check to fund her ambition of pursuing further studies abroad.

He was 29 and a mid-level sales executive. He had an unhappy marriage which, miraculously, had produced a beautiful 5 year old daughter. He was buried in loans and on most of the days contemplated committing suicide. He was devoid of any desire and was just going through the motions. The constant pressure of responsibilities had bent his spine and made him an alcoholic.

Somehow, quite inexplicably, SHE was the recipient of their pity - "poor girl, can't even get married"; and their reproach - "partying all the time, characterless really! No wonder she can't get married".

I write it as I see it.

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