Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Little Writing Project - Chapter One


It was pitch black. The night was so dark that it seemed like a black curtain had fallen all around Amita. She couldn’t even see her hands clearly let alone the winding path where she was briskly walking. She prayed to all the millions of Gods in the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faith to help her reach the comforts, however limited, of her guest house soon. Amita was new to the place and didn’t know anyone except the owner—the one with a wide toothy grin and a roving eye—of the guest house where she was staying.

“Such a bad time to get lost,” she said aloud.

Her mobile had no network which made her impossible to call anyone and or even get directions.

“If I ever survive this night, I would definitely kill Smita for sending me to this godforsaken town called Wonderland which it certainly is not!” She was muttering to herself.
Granted the place was quite pretty during the daytime when the sun was up and shining but as soon as night fell, everything seemed sinister. Amita felt as if she has gone blind. On top of that, her only companion on the trip—her phone—had died on her. Amita was cursing herself loudly for agreeing with Smita and coming to this place for a break.

“You have been working for five years non-stop. You need this. Go rejuvenate your senses. It’s a charming little town. You can go for walks, look at the sunset and swim in the lake and be one with the nature,” Amita squeaked faking Smita’s high-pitched nasal voice.
The truth, which Amita didn’t want to accept, was that she also thought that it was a wonderful idea to leave the hectic lifestyle of the city and rejuvenate for a couple of days. It was going fantastically well till she decided to explore the mountainside on her own.

“Stupid idiotic idea!” She mumbled stepping up a rugged landscape.
As soon as she had left town the phone had lost connectivity. Amita didn’t even realize that since she was engrossed in exploring the charming countryside. She was a little worried when she lost the trail but it was not a major cause of concern with the birds chirping in the background and the sunlight filtering through the trees but now, with no light Amita was getting increasingly worried.

“I don’t want to die right now. I am not even married! I am up for a promotion. God please save me!”

Suddenly, she heard something behind her. The slight rustling of leaves, the soft tread of someone’s feet on the mud, the whisper of someone breathing close by just waiting to pounce. With her heart racing, she turned quickly to find… nothing. Amita looked around but everything was still.  She—

Who are Amita and Smita? How are they related to Mukti, Priya, and Sonali's story? What happened to Amita? What did she see? What is this Wonderland? 

This is just a sneak peek. To know more, come back tomorrow! 

I am such a tease!

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  1. very nice story.Sometimes suspense added the flavor to it.


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