Friday, June 27, 2014

The Security Guard and his Ma'am

He splashed some cold water on his face and sat up straighter. He had been at his duty since 7pm last night and was really tired. Even though his shift ended 20 minutes before, he sat waiting. She came at exactly 7:30am. As usual her infectious laugh preceded her appearance. He brushed his hair with his hand and put on his cap. He adjusted his uniform and waited for her to walk past him. She came round the bend and he saw that she was wearing a light green Salwar Kameez. With her laptop slung on her shoulders and a smart phone in one hand, she brushed an erratic lock of hair from her eyes. As she passed his desk at the security cabin, she stopped, "Good morning Raghav. Kaise ho?"
"Good morning ma'am. Me fine. How you?" he said earnestly.
She smiled her dimpled smile, "I am fine too. Bye Raghav, see you."
In a society where no one even spared him a second glance, she not only knew his name but reserved a special smile and a greeting for him every morning. Her polite gesture was enough to make him forget all his tiredness. Her smile rejuvenated and refreshed him. Oblivious to the effect she had on him, she left leaving behind a mesmerized security guard dreaming with open eyes.
He stood in front of her office dressed in the best shirt he had with a thin gold ring and a rose. It had taken him almost seven months' savings to buy this Valentine's day present for her. He was nervous but seeing her made him forget everything. She also spotted him and walked towards him with a questioning look.
"Raghav? What are you doing here? All well?"
He nodded. Her kohl-lined eyes made him forget all the sentences he had been reciting for months. He closed his eyes and concentrated.
"M... Ma... Mala," it felt nice to say her name out loud. He extended both his hands, one had the gold ring and the other a long stemmed rose, "Mala, I lou you. Marry me. Pleej," he opened his eyes pleased with himself for not stammering. He saw Mala had a horrified expression on her face. She was joined by two of her friends who were snickering.
"Tum pagaal ho kya? Yeh kya bakwaas kar rahe ho?"
"This true," he said slowly.
"Listen Raghav, this can't happen. I don't love you. Main tumse shaadi nahi kar sakti. Yeh sab rubbish bhul jao.  okay?" She said. 
Her friends unable to control themselves started laughing hysterically, "Mala... Mrs. Security Guard!"
Mala turned red, "shut up girls. Come on let's go."
She left without even a glance back, leaving behind a confused and embarrassed security guard clutching the gold ring, crushing the red rose.
"Oh God! Stop following me. Mera peecha chod do," she screamed, agitated.
"Par Mala... tum aise kyun baat kar rahi ho? Tum to roz mujh dekhke ismile karti thi. Kitni haas ke mujhse baat karti thi... achanak kya ho gaya?" He was walking a few steps behind her trying to figure what went wrong so  suddenly. Her Mala who always walked past his desk at 7:30 had started using the back gate. She had started ignoring him and even if she saw him accidentally, she never said anything, she never smiled looking at him anymore. 
She suddenly turned and joined both her hands together loudly, "Uffo, galti ho gayi jo tumse baat kar li, maaf kar do mujhe."
The look of anger on her face shocked him. 
"Aisa mat kaho mala..."
"God! Leave me alone," She turned back and started walking fast.
He took a few steps and grabbed hold of her hand, "Meri baat to suno..."
Mala stopped, turned and slapped him hard across the face, "How dare you?!"
His hand involuntarily went up to his stinging cheek and his eyes watered, "Mala..."
"Ma'am. Mala nahi, ma'am. If you don't stop following me around, I will complain to the society chairman and the police. Apni haad me raho," saying this she walked off leaving behind a stunned and angry security guard.
She writhed uncontrollably on the road. Her face, neck and shoulders burned. She yelled in agony but no one came forward to help her. The unbearable pain took hold of her senses and she passed out. Finally, someone called an ambulance. A few metres away, a drunk security guard threw away the tiny glass bottle that had just moments before contained acid. He smirked as the sirens grew louder. 
He left murmuring to himsels, leaving behind a disfigured ma'am.


  1. Oh my God! So much for a smile and few kind words! Nice one :)

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