Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fate, Destiny... Serendipity!

"Jinko jinko bhi milna hai likha, ishq milwayega;
dur dur se, dhund dhund ke paas le ayega;
kahin bhi ja ke chupo, ishq wahi ayega;
kitni bhi na na karo, utha ke le jayega... "

I've always loved this song from a very forgettable movie... i think the lyrics are so true. Now, dont get me wrong, i am not one of those mills and boons reading, raj-simran kind of romance seeking, gushing at red roses, soft toys and chocolate combo, pink wearing, lovesick puppy. but i am not a cynic either. i believe in love and all that jazz. another thing that i believe in is fate. i believe, in true yash raj style, that someone somewhere is made for everyone. and you may not hear bells, or she may not be wearing a board with your name on it but something does happen when you meet your other half...something that can not be explained in words but just experienced. And i also believe that fate plays a very big role in bringing that someone from somewhere in front of you but leaves it up to you to act on it.

i read in college that according to greek mythology (i love the greeks, especially their gods... they led such colourful lives and had countless children as a result of it!) anyway, coming back to mythology...humans, in the beginning, were a whole... a round, that is both male and female were together in an egg shaped structure. so one human had both male and female anatomy, 4 eyes, 2 noses, 4 ears, 2 lips, 4 arms, 4 legs etc etc... u get it right? they were pretty strong together. so they decided to take over heaven. the gods got scared and our dear dear zeus cut them into two equal pieces, one male and one female so that he can carry one with his many many affairs and keep on producing his many many heirs and heiresses. So, now according to this myth, both these halves keep looking for each other all through eternity for their other respective halves to complete themselves, to again be a whole. 

i kind of like this myth, it is so romantic if you overlook zeus' brutality... one man, one woman supposed to be together forever, seperated and then looking for each other to be one again! this is just a legend, a myth, whatever u like to call but i think it is true... we are looking for our other half, the right half and during that process we meet a lot of wrong ones but it is our destiny to find the right and we do... fate makes you meet them, brings you two closer and then leaves it to you, to either seize the opportunity or be lost without it. i am a very big believer in fate (i am writing it again if that is not clear by now!) and my belief has strengthened by so many incidents that have happened to me and to people around me. 

(NOTE: now i am going to give some examples and not take names again, but since i have learned from my past experience, i have two requests. One - pls dont jump to conclusions, you might read something that you may not like and you might think this is abt you but it may not be so. there are hundreds of people i know and talk to, it could be abt them, pls clarify first before making a fool of yourself on a public portal and ruining my blog space. Two. pls read number one again and follow it. i mean it. )
now if that is clear, example time...

I'll start by yours truly (me... for those of you who need everything spelt out) i met my husband (yeah i got married recently, thank you for all your wishes... you can send gifts and cash too, just drop in a mail, i'll send you my new address ;) ) so, as i was saying i met my brand new husband in udaipur. i was born in delhi, he was born in sindri (in jharkhand), i completed my education in delhi, he did his from managlore university. i had no idea about his existence till 22 years and i am pretty sure he didnt care abt mine either. and then one fine day i am sent to udaipur (or forced at gunpoint, not literally but it sure felt like that) on a work related assignment (i was a wedding planner and i had to go to devigarh to organize one wedding. it was a last minute decision and i was not very happy about it). as i mentioned... I absolutely DID NOT want to go. infact i did a lot of drama but nothing worked. i landed up in udaipur, at the hotel he (my husband ) was working. now, my husband also didnt want me to come. (me as in any wedding planner... he was handling the wedding since the beginning and didnt want any last minute intrusions, or in other words me) so i was at a place i didnt want to be, handling a wedding i didnt want to do, and meeting a person who didnt want me there! but even after all this... we met, we even became friends, and got married within 3 years of knowing each other. after we met, within 6 months of that, both if us left our respective organisations and moved someplace else. sometimes it feels like we were there only to meet each other. it is an example that fate is working someplace somewhere... 

then take this example of another friend... she went to a party where her best friend introduced my friend to her ex (the point of introduction was to see if the guy was compatible for a common friend they have) now my friend started talking to this ex and they liked each other and hooked up instead! now its been 7 months (i guess, dont kill me for getting it worng!) and they are one of the most balanced couple i know... totally complement each other, she loves to talk, he loves to listen ...fate!

another example of a couple who i met on my honeymoon (i went to mauritius by the way, lovely place, you should go there)... their parents arranged their match. the girl was in the UK, the guy was in india. they started talking and chatting. after some months when the girl came to india and they finally met they realized that they have met before at a distant cousins' wedding and had flirted with each other too, they wanted to meet again after the wedding but she had to go to UK... now they are married, love or arrange... your guess is as good as mine!... fate!

last example, another friend went to her best friend's wedding in another city... there she met the groom's best friend who was from anothery country altogether... they started talking, liked each other and now are getting married too! lovely couple and oh-so-much-in-love!... fate!

i have loads of other examples of people who met their other halves in such unexpected ways that make you believe that at that point of time everything was happening just to bring those two people together! people who have no idea about each other but they end up together through some agent, be it a person or a situation. i cant post the rest...privacy issues and all. but if you have any such story, do post them... would love to read them. and if you diagree, then it's even better... would love to hear from you too!

i believe in the saying, match made in heaven... you just have to find them on earth (with a little help from our friend, fate!) all those single people, keep your eyes open, you never know how fate decides to sneak up on you...

Added later, after a friend's suggestion - 
"kitni dur dur ho, un dono ke raaste... mil jate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaaste."


  1. same here as u know very well

  2. yes mom... i know that how you, from agra, came to delhi and bought a shop next to dad's and i know whatever happened after that too ;)...fate!

  3. incredible stories ..did these things really happen ?? me believe that even i got a fair chance of meetin my match...just that she is takin the longer ,more senic ??..and the kinda work i am involved in ..lets just puts our hands together and pray that she does not stumble on the claymore`s tripwire 10 metres before we finally meet

  4. "Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."

  5. This one is lovely.

    I beleive it completely coz it happened to us this way. And of course for everyone else that this has ever happened. All marriages define it ;) It's not only about love marriages.

    Good one once again Biwi. Keep it up

  6. hey..loved reading it..although i have kind of become a cynic in love, and don't really believe in it anymore but still its great to hear for all those people it happens and as i know two of these couples that you have mentioned :P and how happy they is the only fact that keeps us still believing..i so wish my belief returns!! till then cheers to all the love that is around me..great writing!!

  7. so very true! i'm a big example of this situation and today i've been married to my better half for the past eight years and have kids! Little did i know that after 23 years i wud meet someone whose 9 years older to me and share the rest of my life with him. I met him at my work place where my father was apprehensive to send me but i old him that just let get a few months experience. There he was in the other division of our office. When i arrived just a month back he was shifted to the branch where i joined! We met, we mingled, liked each other and then he proposed. we belonged to enormousely different backgrounds but as they say what isdestiny is to happen. After many upheavels we got married! And of course i forgot to mention another thing...he was supposed to have said yes to some other girl(cos he was way beyond the marriageable age)but i landed up in between and the whole scene changed! So megha u r truly right! there is someone for everyone...rightly said!

  8. hey,i am snehal..i cnt express hw i felt when i was gng thru this piece..i felt sum1 has just written what i think and blv in. was just googling abt stories on seredipity, destiny..n i landed up here..the line- someone somewhere is made fr u frm the movie dil toh pagal hain..has always made my blv stronger..dt i too wud someday stumble upon my SOMEONE!


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