Sunday, July 11, 2010

Then and Now... Sundaywise!!

Sundays... that day of the week when you can get up late, no office, no work, just one whole day of pure unadulterated laziness. a day when God also rested after working the whole day on Mother Earth! i used to love sundays, they were a day of breaking the monotony of everyday, a chance to do something different, i used to have a special relaxation sunday schedule which i followed more often than not... getting up at noon, having a heavy brunch, reading the huge newspaper at leisure, asking ma to put oil in my hair, taking a long hot bath, having ma ke haath ke rajma chawal, going out with friends, shopping, movies, more food, some drinks, loads of gossip, coming home, time with family, worrying about sunday ending and monday looming ahead, watching television, more food, and then finally going to bed. ahh... those were the days... and then i grew up.
Now i cant wait for sundays to be over. You ask why? what could have changed? nothing much just a few tweaks here and there... now my sunday is something like this... getting up at 7, looking at the time and hurriedly sleeping again, waiting for the alarm to ring, 7:30, alarm rings, snoozing it, sleeping for five minutes worrying that they'll end too soon, 7:35, snoozing it again, and again, and again, finally 8, turning off the alarm, getting up from bed, making tea, waking up husband, sending him off to office (yes he works on sundays too :( ), cleaning the house, cursing the maid for her off, washing the dishes, cursing myself for allowing the maid to take an off, making breakfast and missing mom, having breakfast and missing husband, washing the dishes and cursing the ( get it by now!), taking a bath, washing clothes, washing the bathroom, doing pooja, working on pending projects, writer's block, working again, warming yesterday's soup for lunch and missing mom, having soup and bread and missing rajma chawal, surfing the net, making tea, waiting for husband to come home, refusing to make dinner, going out, watching a movie, having NICE dinner, coming home, watching tv, going to sleep and readying for another week and thanking god for monday coz the maid would be here!

See, how your priorites change... earlier, i used to hate that sundays are ending and with monday the same routine would begin but now i cant thank god that sunday is ending so that the same routine would begin again... your perspective / maid changes everything!


  1. Life is more exciting when it changes with course of time. the spice of life is change and you should thank god for the changes he/she makes in your life to make it more exciting.

  2. Don't worry Biwi. Times will change again. After all nothing's permanent :)
    Above all, i'm always with you. Even while washing utensils ;)

  3. hi beta read yr blog with tears in my eyes and thank god for having such a wonderful daughter who is always happy in all times i am proud of u keep writing yr heart out luv u mom is having great time with u

  4. Yup....time changes everything.....anyways always remember that change is the law of now wid this change....u can look forward for another change in ur life and that change will hopefully be on ur side....:)


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