Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Julie & Julia: Me & ...

i just watched a movie, julie and julia... pretty inspiring i must say, maybe because i could relate to the protagonist. the movie is about this writer who can't finish anything. she started writing a novel but left it half way (pretty much like me but i dont have one, i have many), she is doing some clerical work which pays her peanuts (again... like yours truly, but that is also not true now, coz now i find myself again unemployed but this time for a good reason) the only true passion of her life is to cook... she loves cooking, which gives her an outlet to do something constructive through out the day. One day, after meeting her friends who are all successful in their respective fields, she is feeling particularly sad abt her life, then her husband urges her to start writing a blog as a stepping stone back into writing... now our protagonist, julie, is confused what should she write about... and decides to write about cooking. she picks up her favourite cookbook and starts preparing recipes and then write abt her experience of making them... soon her blog becomes a hit and so does she. well thats one part of the story, abt julie. then the parallel storyline of "and julia" is abt julia who is a cook whose recipes julie uses and writes abt. julia's story is abt how she was one of the few women cooks in 1940s and what she had to do to get her book published etc etc. the common point between both women were that they started doing something as a hobby which later turned into a full-fledged career.
so, as i was saying this story is very inspiring, for writers or rather people like me who need a gentle push every once in a while... and obviously i am more concerned abt julie, as i have already told you why... so this movie was a push to start updating my blog. Maybe one day, someone somewhere would read it and would want to ... anyway, wishful thinking. till that happens or pigs start to fly, i would concentrate on my writing abilities and be as punctual in providing posts as is humanly possible for a lazy person as me...

Now the next question is what should i write about. i cant write about cooking coz lets face it, i cook, minimalist at that, but it is not something i particularly enjoy... i rather enjoy what we get after all the cooking is done ;) so what should i write abt? what do i enjoy? writing! but what will i write abt writing? hmm... reading? i cant read a book in a day, it'll take weeks, maybe months. i can put this in between. what else? music, movies... no and no... these are fillers most likely. so what should it be? well, i think it would be abt life, the universe and everything... what's happening around me, to me etc etc... i hope you (if you are there that is ;)) enjoy it as much as i enjoy writing it :)

P.S. suggestions for posts are still welcome... post a comment or mail me. have a nice day!


  1. So you did write about cooking Well done :)

  2. it a nice idea!!! keep writing coz there are many who wait to read ur posts!!! :)

  3. its a great idea .... keep up the good work!!

  4. thank you all... but need suggestions :)


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