Sunday, November 14, 2010

His & Hers (III)

Continuing with the His & Hers series...

The idea for this post came when I was in the parlour (all the girls and some of the boys would understand that it is not all massages and pampering!). To divert my mind from the pain being inflicted on my poor eyebrows, I started thinking about my two friends who had gone to see the latest release - The social network... and this story just formed in my head!

Here goes (I hope you like it)

Finally, the day had come. He was going to meet her at last. so much planning and research had gone to make sure this meeting happens. on his way to the restaurant he was thinking of that day, some six months before, when he had first seen her. It was on Facebook. She was smiling at him from a friend's friend's picture. Tall, voluptuous, good-looking, with a strand of hair falling over her one eye. her hand stopped in mid-motion of putting the alleged hair back in it's place. one look at her round face, her full lips, her dark eyes and he knew, he had to meet her. he scrolled down to see if the picture was tagged. obviously it was! he clicked on her tag. obviously her profile was locked. These girls!! but at least he had her name. he searched the friend's profile where he had seen her picture. looking at posts after post. finally he saw, she had mentioned the address of her blog, urging the friend to read and comment. he clicked on the blog link. read it... all the posts in one go! now, he knew all about her. 'how can i contact her without seeming desperate?' email id... for feedback. Bingo! He sent her a mail from a fake id. she replied asking him who he was. he smiled, now, thinking how then he had claimed he had meant to send it to someone else with a similar sounding id. honest mistake. she had mailed back saying it's fine but he should take care in the future. he had then replied by saying that he wont bother her again but how it is fate that he sent it to her. he apologized again and told her he'll never mail her again. gentleman's promise. He smiled thinking about it now, 'fate'... such a small word but such a big impact it had had on her. after all he had read her blog. he knew what all she believed in. and as expected she had mailed him back and that's how the correspondence began. and now six months have passed and finally he would meet her. all the hard work of the past months would finally bear fruits. the lying and pretending would end...finally! he was tired of behaving like the guy she would be interested in. only today! last day! That beautiful face and body would be in his arms... just a matter of hours! he had already selected his next target. after he is done with her, he'll move on to her. he smiled slyly.

Finally, the day had come. She was going to meet him at last. She smiled thinking about how they had met. how romantic it was. he had sent her a mail accidentally. such an honest mistake. at first she had thought that was what it is. just a mistake. then in the next mail, what he had sent had made her realize, it was anything but... 'fate' such a powerful term. she was big believer in fate and destiny. she had even written a post on it. it was indeed fate that he mailed her. and the innocence with which he had apologized and the sincerity he had shown had won her over. unlike other members of his sex, he had not asked to take the correspondence forward. he had not shown any interest in her. that's what touched her. she had always had men falling around her but for once she wanted someone to see her... what she was inside... rather than her beauty. she had mailed him back telling her about her similar beliefs in destiny and that's how the conversation started. they had so much in common... without even meeting him, she knew he was the one for her. and now six months later, they were going to see each other for the first time. she let out a nervous giggle. She had suggested that they exchange pictures to identify one another but he had refused, he is different from other men. Finally she had met someone who loves her mind and not her body. she smiled shyly.

P.S. this is a fictional account. resemblance with any person or situation is co-incidental! ;)

P.P.S. - People take care and be safe!


  1. hahhahahhah....i love the second last does happen a i wonder if girls r so naive these days...

  2. :) maybe not us but i am sure there are some innocent ones, some teenager, who would fall for this... waise i hope not! i hope i have under-estimated the intelligence of the women of today! ;)
    but i am quite sure some men are capable of doing this!!

  3. yup....there are some crooks and then there are some gullible girls out there....


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