Wednesday, November 24, 2010

His & Hers... 55 fiction style!

I have actually got addicted to writing 55 fiction... And i love writing His and Hers series! So, i decided to mix the two and write His and Hers series in 55 fiction format... here are couple of attempts -

His 'Wedding'...

He never thought that this day would finally come. The day when she will be only his. She was sitting next to him in all bridal finery, looking into the sacred fire. He lifted the mangalsutra and put it around her neck. Everyone cheered and he smiled proudly. Finally his dream had come true.

... Her 'Compromise'
She sat there unmoving, all decked up. She stared into the fire, unblinking. She felt helpless and weak but she knew she couldn’t do anything. It was too late now. As he put the mangalsutra around her neck, she felt as if the noose had finally tightened. Everyone cheered as she shed silent tears. 

* * * * * * * * *

Today was her birthday. He was out of town for a conference and would be back only next week. She waited for his call at midnight that never came. She cried herself to sleep. When she woke up, there was a jewellery case by her side. She smiled as he brought her breakfast in bed.

He excused himself and rushed to the airport. His flight was at 11:45pm. As he sat in the aircraft, he looked at the jewellery case in his hand. He would have to take another flight, day after tomorrow, to come back and attend the last session of the conference. Her smile was worth it all.


  1. Even m addicted 2 read ur series...keep writing:)

    dis addiction is worth!

  2. thank you... encouragement always helps :)

  3. Nice one. That was short, yet innovative and interesting. Am impressed.

  4. thank you garf... keep reading and keep commenting :)

  5. hey megha, read ur blog 2 days back for the first time.. must say u hv amazing style of writing . m getting addicted to it.. :-) gr8 blog! :-)
    about this post.. very interesting.. spe. "surprize"..just loved it!!
    waiting fr updates in this series..

  6. this was simply awesome!! keep it up!! :)

  7. thank you aishwarya and anoop :)


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