Monday, November 8, 2010

His & Hers (II)

I am planning to make His & Hers into a series... this series will be a section of short stories where sometimes conflicting and sometimes agreeable emotions of both the sexes would be visible... sometimes he and she will fall in love and sometimes the love story would end in tragedy, you never know... keep reading and keep commenting! :)

He was waiting at the Metro station. He looked at the watch again. 9am. She would be coming in at any second. He looked towards the gates and she was there. She was wearing a baby pink salwar kameez today. the flimsy dupatta was flapping in the air and so was her waist-length hair. she was looking beautiful.. He looked at her and smiled. She was on the phone, as usual. She ignored him and walked past him towards the metro train that had stopped at the station. she went inside and stood by the gate, still whispering on the phone. He also got inside and stood at a distance away from her, but he could still see her when she started playing with a strand of hair... absentmindedly or when she started laughing at something the person on the other side of the line must have said. He kept staring at her when the train passed underground and the signal went dead. He kept staring when she looked at the phone, disappointed. He kept looking at her when she put the phone in her bag and stared out the window. He kept looking when she started chewing on her lips, lost in thought. He kept staring when she suddenly smiled, maybe thinking something someone had said long back. He kept looking when she walked past him once more to get off the coach. he also got down and followed her, at a distance. She suddenly turned around. He stopped short. He forgot to breathe. she was looking straight at him. he could see her oval face, her kohl-lined eyes, the tiny bindi on her forehead. she smiled, looked down, turned around and walked back... out the gates and out the metro station. This had never happened before. She had never ever smiled looking at him...not in the last seven months that he had first seen her. he never thought she would notice him, ever! He felt happy. A warm feeling filled him and he turned around and crossed over to the other side with a big smile. Her face as she had smiled and then looked down shyly swam in front of her eyes. he went back to the Metro station where both of them had started this journey. he would come back again at 5:30pm to go to that station where he left her this morning, so that they can come back together. This was his routine. these metro rides had become the highlight of his days. what does it matter that he had been getting late to work for the last seven months. what does it matter that his boss had threatened to fire him if he didn't pull up his socks. All that mattered was that she had turned back... and she had smiled. that's all that matters.

She went into the metro station. how she hated these long rides to work. the only thing that made it worthwhile was his phone call. she was talking to him as she entered the gates. she saw the metro train just pulling in. she thanked God and walked in. He was making plans of meeting in the evening. She had dressed up because he was going to introduce her to his mother. big day today. Everything has to be perfect. She had worn pink. his mother's favourite colour. she was hoping his mother would like her. he was comforting her and suddenly he stopped talking. she looked at the phone. the signal had gone dead.She put it in her bag and looked outside. she was nervous. She had such plans of their future. And then she remember how he had started calling her his wife. she smiled. her station came and she got down... lost in her own thoughts. she was walking towards the gate when she thought she saw him. she turned back and looked at him. he was as tall as him but... no, he was someone else. she smiled at her foolishness. how can he be here... he is at work. on the other side of the city. she looked down and walked out of the gate. She will not come back here in the evening and maybe, if everything goes right she would never have to come here ever again. she took out her phone from the bag and called him and smiled as he called her his wife again.


  1. very interesting Megha..i look forward to reading more in this series.

  2. now dis is the most interesting series m looking forward 2!!

  3. Excellent! Carry on. Will get back for the next part... loved it.

  4. very nice held my interst till the end

  5. grt one. Nice how 2 people can react and how it looks meaningful to both of them. Will be looking forward to the next story in the series. Keep Going!!!

  6. awesome sis.. keep writing.. :D

  7. that was intreting megha.....bravo!!!!keep up the good work.......looking forward to read more.

  8. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments... :)
    Will add to the series soon...
    Keep reading and keep commenting :)

  9. Excellent post really! Great creativity of the mind. Realistic as well :)

  10. Hi, stumbled upon your blog through the blogadda page and am only happy to have.
    Though I came to see the winning post on what guys want and even shared it with some of my friend, I really loved reading this particular post, one of the finest pieces of imagination, that kept me glued to the screen all along, 'coz of which I was seeing all horizontal lines later (the font couldn't help less :P).
    Happy to be here. :)

  11. This one is really interesting wow brilliant work


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