Monday, July 4, 2011

Bubble Gum Love!

He stood there staring at her from behind a tree. She was flirting with another guy. She laughed and touched his arm carelessly. And electric current ran through his body. He didn’t know he was capable of such strong emotions of anger for someone. He threw down the rose and walked away, thinking, ‘I have no hope, she is obviously not interested in me. It's time I stop wasting my time.’

She knew he was standing behind the tree looking at her. She decided it is time to take matters into her own hands. She laughed at some pathetic joke her companion said. She touched his arm slowly. She knew this was enough to make him jealous. The fear of losing her would give him the courage to come and tell her that she was waiting to hear since college started. She glanced at his retreating back, sadly, ‘maybe tomorrow he would say something.’

Aren't teenage romances the best?! Have you ever been on either His or Her side? I surely have and it hurt like hell that time... But now, all it does is bring a small smile to my face ;) What about you...? Share away...!


  1. Nice post. I liked your writing style. You deserve a 5 star rating. And as far as this post is concerned, I had so many moments like what have posted. It surely brings a smile when I think about it. They say, 'jealous' is one of the sweetest emotions... May be it is a little more for gals. :)
    My gf had a great time bugging me (not exactly like 'her' in your post). But in the end, everything went well and we are together now... together forever... :)

  2. nice read.. just made me pushed back to my memory lane... :-)

    teenage love is good but except some rare ugly incidents.. which are on growing trend now.


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