Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another crime against Women.

Saw in the news that a student of XIth standard was gang-raped in front of the village by a group of men in a small town in U.P. The reason was that she was allegedly having an affair with her teacher. This was the eighth rape that has been 'reported' in the state of UP in the last 'one' month.After the incident, the girl, embarrassed and humiliated, committed suicide.

I had the following question in my mind when I saw this news -
  1. Why was only the girl punished for having an affair with the teacher? First of all, the 'punishment' was totally unnecessary. Secondly, if the so-called moral police decided that punishment was much needed, why wasn't the teacher, that is the adult in the whole situation, punished for having an affair with a minor? Isn't his role more offensive than the girl?
  2. Why is it that in our rural societies the only punishment for a woman that these so-called moral upholders of our society can think of is rape? Is there no other form of punishment available? Is rape the only way?! Is this emotional, mental and physical humiliation is the only way to teach any woman a lesson? If this is so, what kind of society do we live in?
  3. When did rape become a form of punishment? Isn't it a more heinous crime than falling in love with a teacher?!
  4. Nothing... I mean nothing, can justify a rape. Men can't go through it (well, they can be sodomized but that happens rarely) that is why they would never understand what a woman goes through after such a horrendous experience. It not only scars her body, but her mind and soul as well. 
  5. If this is the only way, men can exert their power over women, then... shame on them!
  6. The only punishment for a rapist should be castration.
  7. Eight rapes in one month?! And that is one state. What is our country coming to...?


  1. Thats disgusting. What is our society heading towards? Who can justify such an act? She was just a kid.

  2. culture less people doing the worst things.

    Its so sad

  3. moral police punishing a kid by raping her? hypocrites.....what a shame...and what is our law going to do about it? nothing...

  4. It is a shame... why are kids getting punished this way? it is sad that men do not have the brains to think what age the girl is... and why is the teacher not punished? it is a shame for our country...

  5. The characterless morons.. It is unfortunate our country still has such ill-minded people.. Committing a crime and claiming it as a punishment! Where the hell is democracy left! IMO, the people who witnessed are also equally responsible for this... What a shame...

  6. And it is also unfortunate that because of those inhuman 'men'.. it gets generalized and all the 'men' are accused! Just to make my point clear, all men are not morons!

    And yes - The only punishment for a rapist should be castration...

  7. its not a punishment; its animals hunting their prey in front of a so called society! sad tht those animals also call themselves men.

  8. i don't understand why do we even call them 'Moral Police'? why is this any of their business whoever girl chooses to have an affair with? junglee kahin ke

  9. Well said! This shows India is still backwards in many respects.

  10. well it is happening not only in the UP. Similar shocking incidents are happening in Kerala too on a daily basis.

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  12. Its sad that such disgusting acts still happen in India!!

  13. @6 point of urs..the punishment should be death and nothing teach society a lesion..

    what is required in this case is the consultation of the girl instead of any punishment..

  14. I hate to see this happening in our society! Its totally disgusting. And i totally agree with point no. 6


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