Thursday, July 7, 2011

This & That!

There are so many things I want to write about but gosh, how time just flies by! I just haven't had time to jot down all that is going through my mind. So this post, is a little bit about everything! Kindly bear with me ;)
  • House-wives - When I was younger, I too, like many of my friends, used to turn up my nose at house-wives. In spite of the fact that my mother was one too.  I wanted to be a career woman. I wanted a corporate lifestyle. I wanted to be a jet-setter. But, alas... God had other plans! After I got married I had to move to Kovalam and in the interiors of Kerala, I couldn't find a job to my liking. So, began my life as a freelancer + a homemaker. I, like many, used to believe that managing a house doesn't require any special skills... How wrong was I?! When I had to take care of everything from making sure the toothpaste is there to deciding what to cook for dinner, I realized what a tough task it is! There are no offs, no compensation and you can't even put it up on your resume! I mean I manage a whole house... I make sure it functions properly and smoothly. I have people who work under me such as a maid, the newspaper wallah, the press wallah, the milkman... these are my employees! I manage the budget. So, basically I am the MD, the Financial Controller, and the operations manager of my household... how can that not be counted as adequate experience?! My respect for my mother and all the other home-makers has grown manifold... It is not easy, believe me!  
  •  Child Artists - I absolutely hate it when the protagonists of a show is a child! I firmly believe that this practice should be banned. It just robs the children of their childhood... I mean, fine... your child has a talent. you have his whole life to hone that. Let the child be a child instead of decking him / her with make-up, making him / her shoot for 'n' number of hours. I don't understand the dialogues these kids are made to recite. and the worst are the reality shows. Singing shows and dancing shows for the kids with indecent amount of money as prize. what will a kid of 9 years, do with 50 Lakh rupees?! I am sure the parents can find many uses for the same. So, whenever I see a 8 year old kid singing sheila ki jawani or gyrating to munni badnam hui, I don't think the kid is super talented, I realize the parents are super dumb! These reality shows have so much competition, and it infuriates me no end when a child cries because he couldn't live up to his parents' expectations! Let the children enjoy their childhood... if they sing well, if they dance well, if they are good actors... I am sure they will retain their talent when they are 17-18 years old as well. Let them be...
  • The Gaalli Culture -Sometimes I wonder if I was the only one who didn't understand what the big deal was with the song 'DK Bose'...Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who doesn't use swear words / abuses / ma-behen in normal everyday language... Sometimes I wonder if I am a dying breed for whom 'ullu ke patthe' was the worst Hindi gaalli... Sometimes I wonder if using abuses had become the new 'in' thing and I am considered 'uncool' (if that word exists) because I don't use them...sometimes I wonder If people think me as a naive little protected girl. But, generally I am amazed at the language used by today's so-called youth! But, after all the wondering I realize that I am proud of the fact that I didn't understand what is the big deal with DK Bose... I am proud that I don't need to use abuses to put my point across... I am proud that the extent of my knowledge regarding swear words stops at 'ullu ke patthe'... I am proud of being this sophisticated and if you think I am naive... so be it! I will never be a part of the gaalli culture! ;)
OK, so this marks the end of my mish-mash post! What do you think...?


  1. Being a housewife is not easy but did not find it that difficult also. You are right about the compensation part. No compenation, no hike, no sundays. In fact on the holidays there will be double work.
    Why do the parents forget that their children get only one childhood?
    I also do not find anything cool about saying gaalis. There's one song in No One Killed Jessica named Chal Hat or something which is again full of gaalis.
    Nice work. :)

  2. i always thought managing a house is much much tough job than say managing a 9-5 job.and i find the whole conept of 'reality' shows shudnt be let in all that.
    about D K comments :P

  3. House wives - Though I can never be one ;) I have to agree with you...

    Child Artists - Well said, I couldn't agree more!

    DK Bose - I liked the music and song.. but didn't understand the lyrics.. :P about the gaali culture - well no comments :)

    Nice write-up.. as always.. :)


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