Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Accidents!

Serendipity is when someone finds something that they weren't expecting to find. In the simplest of words, it means a 'happy accident' (This is how wikipedia defines it as!). It is one of my favorite words. I mean who doesn't love it when they accidentally find money in the pocket of their old pair of jeans?!

On a little more serious note, I believe love is generally serendipitous. It generally finds you when you are not looking for it or have stopped looking for it... when you get tired of searching for the elusive Mr or Ms Right and try to focus on something else, it is then that BAM! you come face-to-face with him / her. I remember one such encounter - A girl was forced to go to a different city for some project by her boss. She had gone grudgingly, thinking this was going to be the worst trip of her life but she ended up meeting her soul mate! (yeah, that girl is me! ;) )

Do you have any such serendipitous encounters?! looking back on which you can't help but smile... Why don't you share them?

P.S. I had written an almost similar post last year! You can read it here. This one was, however, more descriptive!

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  1. Serendipity it is...I was watching sunset in Subarnarakha River with the most unlikely girl whom i thought was boring and studious, who in turn thought i was immature and flashy...we somehow fell in love at that very moment as the sun set...



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