Wednesday, October 27, 2010

... Yes, this is love!

She was sitting in the car, all alone. The radio was playing some old Hindi classics. it was raining heavily outside. she opened the window and put her hand out, feeling the raindrops on her palm and arm. her favourite song came. she started humming along. the other door opened suddenly and she got scared. he came and sat inside quickly. He was drenched completely. he handed her the cup of tea she had wanted desperately. she looked up at him and smiled. his face contoured into a weird shape and he sneezed! she started laughing and realized... yes, this is love.

She was at home. it was late. she looked at the watch for the nth time. it was almost ten. she looked at her phone as if willing it to ring. it didn't. she started flipping channels. she was not feeling well so he had asked her not to cook tonight, he would have dinner at work and would get something for her as well. the bell rang and she ran to open it. his bag was lying there. she saw him walking towards the gate to close it. she hurriedly looked through his bag, she was hungry. nothing. he forgot! she got upset and sat down on the couch. he came inside and she saw he was carrying a pizza box. he still remembered she loved pizzas, she jumped into his arms and realized... yes, this is love.
She hung up on him. she wanted to go out and have dinner but he had some meeting and will get late from work... again. she was getting bored sitting at home all alone. she cooked dinner and sat down waiting for him. at last, the bell rang. she went and opened the door. he was smiling. he took her hand and guided her to the car. he opened the door, she saw the red rose lying on the passenger side. she took the rose and smiled. he asked her to sit in the car and wait. he rushed inside and came back with a box with the dinner she had cooked. she looked at him, confused. he started the car and said, let's go out. she realized... yes, this is love.

P.S. i would keep adding on to it... and everyone is welcome to comment and add a snippet... it could be from a male or a female point of view... true or fiction... :) happy reading and happy writing!


  1. ..on the way she kept thinking... this is the time she was longing for but what next...where are we that even important. Pondering for a while she got startled as his hand touched hers gently...embracing her asking her to just live in the moment...

    I donno if that was up to the expectations, but I realized it takes more to do it than you think it wud (talent,talent & ingenuity)

    Anonymous ;)

  2. She called him to meet at her place and suggested to go out for a cup of coffee. He obliged with pleasure for she was a good friend if not more.
    She said we go some place far but it was getting dark and the night was chilly.Anyways he said yes and then began the journey. She was wearing warm and he was only in his Ts,but they managed to get there. She noticed he was uncomfortable and offered her shawl, but he said no its fine and found comfort in warm Cafe.
    They chatted for long hours. He sat there patiently listening to every word and counting her every blink. We are good friends he thought, no need to go further,'We are just friends' she had said once to him.
    It was past midnight and he thought it was time to go, he had a nice time and he hoped she had too. On the way it started raining and was cold as hell. His hands were freezing and chest began to pain. But one instant pair of hands grabbed him tight.. a warmth never felt before filled his chest. He felt her shiver so he slowed down to stop. But she said go on and he hoped the road never ends.
    He dropped her at her place..and she stepped down. He said better hurry up and go change..but she stood there only..said thanks and left. she must have not love.

  3. thanks both anonymoys people... actually i would like to know who you both are... you can send me a message or a mail... anyway, upto you...
    also liked both of them... the effect of a touch can do wonders, aint it.
    even though the second one ddoesnt have a happy ending that i was looking for, i have still posted it as some effort has gone into it... thanks :) keep reading...

  4. he had almost slept in the cab. he felt a head resting on his shoulder. he smiled and tried not to move. with stiff hands and head it was little uncomfortable. then came bump and she woke up..she looked up at him and cuddled back to sleep. he put his arms around her and rested his head on hers.then he this love?

  5. all three moments of love are quite good...

  6. It was Diwali Day. He had never celebrated this festival for years his memory could take him back to. He had longed to get his childish days back, the only difference was he was married this year and all his teenage memories had been long washed off. He told his wife how he felt about the festival and she kept silent just hearing him say all that. He wasn't sure of anything but she was i guess..... He comes back home from work on the Diwali night as usual and most unexpected she had arranged a huge surprise for him. He had some ideas but this was much more. A nice puja, pleasant delicacies and a beautiful Rangoli. It was indeed one of his best Diwali celebrations in years he could remember...........
    Was it just for the festival?

    I leave it to you all to answer that.....

  7. He boarded the bus at the same stop. His eyes searching for a seat came to rest on hers. He smiled & pushed past three strangers to sit beside her.He nodded his head in acknowledgement. She smiled. He looked at his watch and his brows coiled in frown. She looked out of the window and smiled to herself. She was listening to radio, a nice song came. She passed the ear phone to him. He smiled and listened. His favourite song playing. What nice timing!..He closed his eyes..She looked at his face and wondered" Is this love?" He was listening to the song and thought he needed to reach early. This girl he meets everyday on bus is so nice, but we never speak. If she didnt give me this seat today I would have to carry the heavy gift for so long. He looked at the packet the nth time and thought, "would Riya like it?..Is this love?"...


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