Monday, October 18, 2010

Entangled in this world wide web!

Today I received a mail from one of my very dear friends... she is in Delhi and I am here in Kovalam. We never get a chance to speak as she is busy with her work and I am trying to get busy through working-from-home. we generally exchange quick mails telling each other how our days are going after we both got married. So, today she sent me a forward mail about graphs and I realized how true these graphs were -

 This is very true for me, especially in XIth and XIIth. I never knew anything!! College was another ball game altogether. i was actually good, studying my favourite subject helped a lot!!

 Again... so true!! at least for me! Most of the time, i have to listen to a song quite a few times and after filtering out the yeahs, the oohs and the babys, I can finally make out what the singer is actually trying to convey which is either stupid, childish or nothing at all!

 Okay, this was freaky... this is so true. I belong to the majority who keep staring at the toaster and then get scared when the toast finally pops out!

But it was the next graph that completely zapped me!

How true is this?? facebook, skype, the-now-dead-orkut, twitter, youtube, myspace, blogs, gtalks, yahoo messengers and many other such social networking sites i don't know about... how we have become entangled in this world wide web that it has become so much easier for us to convey what we feel through this medium. i am in touch with my cousins and most of my friends through gtalk, even my mother has joined facebook so that she can stay connected with me! we share thoughts, pictures and basically every small detail of our life through the Internet. but is there something wrong with this? i don't know...sometimes i think there is... instead of going out and playing in the sun, we are addicted to the virtual world. now instead of clicking pictures to capture a moment, we do so to as to put it up on facebook. haven't you ever thought after seeing a really nice picture of yourself that "this has to go as my display picture"? well, i have. but sometimes i think, so what? its not like i have stopped doing everything and have turned into a mouse potato! i do go out, i do have fun, i do read and write and when there is this technology, then why shouldn't i make use of it? if it makes me, someone who is on a different hemisphere from my parents and friends and family, feel connected to them, then what is wrong? if it gives me, a shy introvert girl, an outlet to display my funny, sarcastic and sometimes intellectual side, then what's the harm? (you must think i was fishing for compliments, well yes i was!!)

but as spider man said, with great power comes great responsibility... so is the case with Internet. it is a great power tool and must be used responsibly... with this great sharing medium comes the need for great control!  you need to control the time you spend in the virtual world. i don't know about you, but i would certainly start cutting down. instead of being online for 8 hrs, i will come down to 7.5 (What?! let me take baby steps!) .

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