Saturday, October 23, 2010

His & Hers

He picked up the ring from the platter. The people were laughing and cheering. His friends were pulling his leg, his cousins were teasing him endlessly. Music was playing in the background. People were dancing. a celebratory mood was all around. But he could not hear anything, he could only hear his heart beat... too loud. can everyone else hear it too? guess not. he looked down at the diamond ring in his hand and then at the woman standing in front of her... smiling coyly. she was looking resplendent in pink. he looked into her eyes, big, brown and beautiful but those were not the eyes he wanted to look into while falling asleep. he looked at the lips, full and pink but they were not the lips he wanted to kiss forever. he looked at the fingers, long, slender and perfectly manicured, but they were not the same he had once placed a humble silver band on. His mother egged him on and he slipped the big diamond ring on her ring finger amidst claps and smiles and laughter. no one noticed that his smile didn't reach his eyes except her, standing by the door. no one noticed that plain looking girl standing all alone. No one noticed the silent tear that trickled down from her black kohl-rimmed eyes. No one noticed her small lips quivering. no one noticed as she took out the silver band from her short ink stained finger and place it on the table. no one saw her as she left except him, standing on the stage. For him, this was just the beginning of a life full of compromises.

The music was too loud. she couldn't make out what song was playing. she was too engrossed in listening to her own thoughts. She was looking at him as he picked up the ring. It was big. she looked at him and smiled. a shyness crept over her. she saw him looking at her eyes. Can he also see in her dark eyes the dreams of their future? can he also see them like she had... of them being together and happy? she could feel him looking at her lips. is he wishing to place his on hers? she could feel her cheeks reddening. she saw him looking at her fingers. is he admiring the fairness of her complexion? he took her hands in his. an electric current ran through her spine at his touch. he placed the ring on her finger. she looked up at him. he was looking into the distance and smiling. looking at their happy future surely. they will be happy, yes, they will. she smiled and allowed herself to be hugged by friends and family. For her, this was just the beginning of a dream-filled life.

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  1. Nice one but the IInd part is better. Please, carry on with this series.


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