Sunday, October 3, 2010

Writer's Block!! YIKES!!

What is Writer's Block?

Is it something when you can't think about a topic to write on? Or is it something when you can't write about anything at all? When you keep staring at the screen or the paper willing the words to form on the said screen and paper by themselves as if by some divine intervention! When a drape of blackness falls over your mind and stops you from thinking and formulating coherent sentences and statements... is it that time when you just can't think. period. when you can't see any way to move ahead, when you are stuck! you don't know which way to take, this or that... The road ahead is BLOCKed! Maybe it is that feeling of frustration when you want to write but the words just do NOT cooperate... when you think and think and think and then finally get so irritated that you are ready to sell your soul to the devil for an epiphany!!

Then there are times when you look around, talk to people, read what other's are writing to just get a tiny bit of inspiration from somewhere, but nothing!! absolutely bloody nothing helps! lack of muse, lack of topics, lack of words, lack of thoughts, lack of ideas, just something that is lacking and you cant even say what! it is also when you keep writing vague, uninspired tit-bits in the hope of maybe catching the writing bug again?!

Everything mentioned above and much more is all that comes under writer's block. the remedy... some would say, take a break, get a drink and get back to it sometime later. you know what i did when i was suffering from writer's block? I wrote a post on it! Now you know why this one sucks?!

Please Note: The writer of this post is suffering from Writer's Block which is a very common disease found in men and women working with words. There is nothing to worry about, she would be back and writing some great posts in no time. Till then bear with her, keep indulging her and happy reading!

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