Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meaningful Gibberish

i have been here before, i know that for sure
i have seen this path, but where... that i don't know

i couldn't make out the face, but the eyes... i knew
they were boring into me, staring right through

i couldn't hide a single thought... everything they could see
i tried in vain but i couldn't hide the real me!

i wanted to run, i wanted to shout,
the feet wouldn't co-operate and no voice did come out

then those hands... big and strong... reached out for me
i stared in horror... and tried to break free

finally, i broke the spell and woke up with a start
shivering, i looked around and knew where i was at

but now also, even though i am fully awake
that feeling of foreboding i cant truly shake

was it really a dream or some distant memory coming back to life?
it seemed so true... but it was surreal, definitely dreamlike

those eyes, i can never forget how they stared deep into my soul
and then i looked at you sleeping beside me and realize... it was you all along!

i trusted you but you broke every promise,
you tore me apart and ran over my spirit

devoid of all emotion, every night  i lay down next to you...
dreams were my only solace but you have crept into them too!

What do you think this is about?

Maybe, you would think, it's about love and marriage
And what it feels to have a happily-ever-after life...
Really, is that what is running through your mind?!
It's not about happy endings
That is absolutely true.
Although it could be about wedded life, but
Love, in this story, is a taboo!

Reality is something else entirely
And you would see what it is... pretty clearly
Pay attention to every word, read between the lines
End, although not happy, is the key...you would soon realize.


  1. Yes I understood each word of it, and can truly empathize with those women who go through Marital Rape. Its even more than that. when the emotionless feelings take the lead and the desire to set free is what one can wish for

  2. I read it once again after knowing what it is about. Really touching. Torment is unthinkable. Helplessness is even more bothering.

  3. thank you parul for making me sure that people would understand it :)

    BLogman... this is just the tip of what these women who go through that horrendous experience might feel.


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