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Thoughts of a non-writer...

There are a lot of people who have told me that they don't like to read much but they still like to read what I write ::Blush:: and then there are some who tell me that my writing has inspired them to write as well ::Blush::Blush:: to be honest, it doesn't feel good... it feels great! To be able to introduce someone to the wonderful world of reading and writing is very satisfying... trust me. 

Some days back, this friend of mine - Parul Jain - read my blog for the first time and liked it. (Her words not mine ;) ) she not only read many posts, but also told me about her take on some of them (you might have seen the point added later on the post - love and some of it's many cliches - that was her :) ) She was one of those people who had told me that after reading my blog she felt like writing too, in fact she did write something and I naturally wanted to read it! So, I asked her to send it to me... she did and also sent something that she had written sometime back... I read them, loved her thought process and decided to share it with everyone...

So, here, it goes...

Presenting Ms. Parul Jain and her thoughts - 

Motherly Instinct

People are always inquisitive about a girl who is unmarried but has a dream of having a child. if you are wondering who that girl is? It's me. I am 21yrs old, lively and a mature girl (according to me) but instead of talking about good looking hunks, marriage, career, I usually mull about the next generation. I am usually not very pally with kids, i cant talk or play with them for more than 15 mins. But, If I ponder about how I will bring up my kid than many thoughts come into my mind.

Today, in a world where the definition of love has changed from selfless to selfishness, it is only mother's love that has remained unaffected. The love of a mother for her child was and still is unconditional.

I never think whether I will have a naughty kid or a cute princess... but I always dream of how i will raise my child. I have read articles on child psychology and watched TV shows on 'how to be a good parent'...and i have learned that, it is really a difficult task to introduce an innocent soul into this selfish and commercialized world.

Although i am ambitious and want to climb the corporate ladder but if I ever have to choose between my desires and my responsibilities towards my family and child, I am pretty sure that I will go for the latter.

My Parents have given me everything...freedom to choose my life path, all the luxuries of life, but most importantly, they have given me their Love and I want to do same with my kid. I have had a happy childhood but i still crave to live through my child. I want to learn all the names of fruits and vegetables again, I want to re-read the pages of ancient history, i want to once again understand the logic behind the various mathematical equations, I want to memorize the dohas and nursery rhymes again...In short i want to be a child again.

I want to make him/her do the things which i wanted to do but due to some circumstances i couldn't. that doesn't mean I will impose my opinion on him/her but surely show her the way of reaching whatever goals she sets for herself. After already going through life as a student, i understand the fact that everybody cannot be an Einstein so I will never pressurize them to come first in class but ask them to give their best in whatever they do.

Maybe, at the age of forty i will not be earning good enough salary or might not be getting big incentives but yes i know i would have achieved something, that might not be counted as success in the eyes of many people, but that would truly satiate my inner soul... i know I would have raised grounded man / woman.

Parul wrote this when she was only 21... what an amazing thought for a young girl of 21! when other girls are thinking about having boyfriends, she was thinking about raising a kid! commendable indeed.
Now Another one of her articles that she sent me and which is well, about me and the blog... Read on... 
A Thought 

After years today i talked to one my friends on Gtalk (google talk or girl talk whatever one calls it). Whenever I log in I often see her online but never bothered to drop in a 'hi' because she was just a good acquaintance... not a very close friend of mine but undoubtedly an awesome soul.

But I was always very inquisitive about her status messages because usually they were just some words or some weird line from which one cannot derive any meaning. But always next to the line is a link.
Today also there was that weird line and next to it the ever-mentioned link. This time it said 'Love and some of it's many cliches'. The word 'Love' attracts almost everyone on this planet so I also became the prey of this word and went ahead and clicked on the link which was to her bogging site. There, I read some of her articles. I was aware about the fact that she is an excellent writer but first time I actually witnessed it.
After reading that particular post, I realised how we easily pick up some cheesy line from a movie and blindly start following it without giving it a second / practical thought. For example we believe in lines like love is blind, first love is last love or even the movie's ('kuch kuch hota hai') famous dialogue - 'hum ek baar jite hai... pyar bhi ek baar karte hai.'...After knowing fully well that we should love with open eyes, one falls into love many times etc etc but still we choose to adhere to those cliches when it comes to Love.

I read two more of her posts, rather award winning blogs... 'what men want' and 'Mystery' also known as 'what women want'. After reading them I realized that do both genders actually know what they want from each other? If there is an affirmative answer then why are there broken relationships? i think it is difficult to fulfil each other's desires until and unless they meet half way.

Blogging like the social networking sites is a new parasite among youth which they are using day & night just to stay connected and share themselves and their thoughts with the universe. it has become the best way to express one's thoughts and share it with many.
Today it is just this blog which is keeping me and my friend together... through our shared thoughts.

These are the thoughts of a girl who wanted to share her thought with me... After reading them and with her permission of course, I have shared them with you all... Do encourage her like you have encouraged me. The thoughts and the words are all hers... i have just done some nips and tucks here and there... :) hope you enjoyed... 

Also, I might not be a 'cosmopolitan' or a 'vogue' or even a very popular blog... but if you want anything to say and don't have a blog, i would love to be your mouthpiece... you can begin your own also, it is very simple and easy... but if you don't have the inclination to start one, you can drop in a comment with your email id telling me a little about whatever you want to say & I will publish it on my blog with due credit to you obviously! Nothing abusive and indecent, though. 

Happy reading & Happy writing :) 

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