Monday, May 2, 2011

One Picture!

So, Today is the last day of the '10 day you challenge'. In these last ten days, I learned so many things about myself that I didn't already know... i mean it was there in my subconscious mind but to get into the fore was one task. before every post I had to think so much about the content that was required for that specific day. Not only I had to write what i like but also why i like it and that required some serious thinking! it is so ironical that you can go on and on about someone else but when asked to write about yourself, you need to think so much...well I had to and I loved every step of this self-discovery.

Today it is about ONE PICTURE -

I know I had to post my picture... but i think this picture (which is also my blog picture) sums me up perfectly... a girl busy writing. that's who I was, I am and I will eternally be... I am just a girl busy writing. :)


  1. CHEATING!!! i really liked your writing and even adopted the 10 day challenge ( which I loved btw) and was hoping to see your pic finally!!! NOT DONE!! put up your pic :)

    sharika k k

  2. Writing makes me feel good too. :)
    and this pic sums up pretty well.... Would scroll down to see other nine days effort :)

  3. @Sharika... I am sorry that you are disappointed and it proved to be an anti-climax for you... but this picture truly does represent me :)best of luck for your ten day challenge

    @ thanks deepika... i hope you enjoyed reading the posts as much as i enjoyed writing them :)

  4. Megha,

    I must say that i really love your writing, in fact I am getting inspired by you to find time and write.. great dear.....and no doubt.. whatever you write.. its completely enjoyable.. it make sense and the content is interesting.

    All the very best


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