Monday, April 25, 2011

Eight Fears... Things I am scared of!

Honestly, I think of myself as a scaredy cat but right now I am jotting down my EIGHT FEARS (in no particular order)...

8. Heights... during childhood I couldn't even look down from my first floor apartment and now look at the irony of life, I live on the third floor!

7. Animals... any kinds! i am even afraid of puppies and kittens! i can't pat them, I can't touch them... I can only appreciate their cuteness from a distance (and they have to be on a leash) or in pictures!

6. Pests... creepy crawlies, spiders, roaches... ugh!! hate 'em and am scared of 'em to death! i would not venture into a room if i have seen a roach there! again, in a bizarre twist of fate, I had to live six months in a place where i witnessed all kinds of pests imaginable! (did nothing to get me over my fear though!)

5. Losing someone close to me... I don't know if I will be able to handle that.

4.  Speed... it thrills but it kills!

3. Ghosts... Don't know if they exist but what if they do?! yikes!

2. Loneliness... I love being alone, that I can handle, but I am afraid of being lonely. there is a difference.

1. Losing my ability to write... don't know what I will do without it.

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