Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nine Loves Of My Life!

OK... so today it is about NINE LOVES...

9. Clouds, RAINS... getting wet in it or sipping coffee while watching the clouds slowly drift away... the smell of wet earth... love it all!

8. FOOD... love trying new cuisines. I admit it I am a foodaholic!

7. I have a ginormous sweet tooth! Love everything CHOCOLATE... latest crush - chocolate chip cookies dipped in frothy cappuccino... hmm!

(technically deserts are a part of the broader heading of food but my love for sweets is so great that it had to be a separate point!)

6. watching MOVIES. I love the whole experience of watching it in a theatre with popcorn, nachos, drinks, momos etc etc. & cuddling in a blanket and watching some old movie on a DVD.

5. LONG DRIVES with nice music... just me and my husband... no phones, no interruptions.

4. TINY BOTTLES... be it of perfume or alcohol. I love collecting 'em!

3. BOOKS... smell of a new book... addictive!

2. WRITING... that has, over time, become a very solid part of me... the one thing that I have been doing from as long as i can remember.

1. MY FAMILY & FRIENDS... people who have made me the person I am.

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