Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me... Ten Secrets!

I saw this on Translucid Graffiti's blog and decided to give it a try. A good way to understand yourself better... So, here goes nothing...

This one is about TEN SECRETS...

10. I am the center of my universe. If it is not about me, i am not interested... i may pretend to be listening but I am not, in reality I am thinking about something else (generally about myself!) but in spite of that i am surprisingly good at giving advice :p (have no modesty either, that's no secret though!)

9. I have this habit of picturing myself as the protagonist when I am watching a particularly nice romantic movie or reading an interesting book... (okay, I agree this is a little embarrassing :P )

8. I hate yelling. I can't yell at people and absolutely loathe being yelled at... can't tolerate it really. If you want to talk to me, be nice and expect politeness. if you raise your voice, then you can talk to the hand.

7. I love watching television. i can watch anything and everything.

6. I am one of those who will cry at sad situations in movie theaters but when caught wiping tears would pretend that something was in my eye and would also insist that the situation on screen is pretty lame.

5. I day dream... about being famous... almost every other hour.

4. I would always pick a Bridget Jones' Diary or a Confession of a Shopaholic over a Shakespeare.

3. I hate making small talk. I can't do it. period.

2. I am addicted to social networking sites. I am trying to cut down and get help. I am also seeking a support group for the same, any suggestions? :P

1. Writing is therapeutic for me. I think I am much better at expressing my feelings through written words than verbally.

Well, those were ten secrets about me... why don't you share yours? but, don't forget to link back to Meher (who started it all) and me (just for the heck of it ;) )

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