Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Devil & The Angel... Me!

The Devil in me is starved,
she's jealous, selfish and greedy...
She wants what is not hers,
she wishes to take what is yours

The Devil in me is angry,
she is furious at the restrains...
She is waiting to burst out,
engulf me whole so that she can be free

The Devil in me is restless,
she is tired of all the waiting...
She demands to take over
to control and unleash her fury!

The Angel in me is calm,
she is forgiving and lets me be...
She is selfless and giving and content,
shows me the path of love and how to be happy

They both tempt me no end,
the Devil charms me with her bounty
and shows me how 'We' both can rule the world!
The Angel gives me the right to choose,
the way 'I' want to carve out my destiny!

In the end it is my choice,
who I let win me over...
the Devil with her malicious grin
or the Angel with her serene smile...?

Sometimes I do let the Devil win,
and sometimes it's the Angel that succeeds...
They both keep trying to persuade me
but I... can't seem to be convinced.

1 comment:

  1. its so true for the entire breed. Great way to put it across


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