Sunday, June 12, 2011


Smiling, she stood frozen in time,
 Memories flashed of the days gone by,
Sitting in the afternoon sun, playing and laughing,
fighting and crying, making-up and smiling

As she stared, the faces changed
the innocence disappeared, maturity took it's place
the smiling eyes were there no more
the lazy grin had left long ago

This face, she couldn't read anymore
the secrets within, she couldn't decipher no more
She stared and stared to locate something that was hers
And realized it was futile as the times had changed too much

There was a knock on the door, her reverie was broken
'are you ready, sweetheart? everyone is waiting.'
She looked at herself in the mirror and realized
Smiling, she had stood frozen in time.

He said, 'are you okay, honey? is everything alright?'
She just looked at him and a tear fell by
he came close and held her near
"what's the matter? you can tell me my dear."

She sobbed and told him everything going on in her mind
'I don't want to grow up. i want to go back in time!'
he smiled and kissed her on the cheek
'I know it is scary but growing up is a part of life!'

' i knew you when you were little and i know you all grown up,
believe me sweetheart you have turned into an amazing woman.
Don't be afraid of what's coming next as i am always with you
we have played together and together we'll grow old too!

She smiled as he pulled her close and hugged her tight,
she closed her eyes and realized
Yesterday was great but today isn't that bad either
Smiling, in his arms, she wanted to be forever.

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