Friday, June 17, 2011

He Cheated, She Left

"so, you are leaving him?" her friend asked.

"yes. I couldn't take it anymore." she replied, "It was getting too much. The cheating, the 
lies, the constant fights, the yelling... It was messing me up."

"Was he sleeping with someone else?!" Her friends asked shocked.

"No, not yet, but he was hiding stuff. he met this girl recently and he didn't tell me about her. i found out when i accidentally logged into his email account. the mails they exchanged were not friendly. They were quite flirtatious." she replied.

"Maybe, you just took it in the wrong way. i guess you should talk to him."

"I did. i gave him a chance to come clean about it but he still didn't mention her. finally, i did and he had the nerve to get upset with me for logging into his account! and we ended up having a huge fight."

"Then, what happened?"

"After two days of constant fights, he finally came clean. he told me that he had gone out with her a couple of times and she had no idea he had a girlfriend. You know last month on his birthday, he was busy in a meeting and didn't come home till 11:30?! Well, guess who he was celebrating his birthday with?"

"Hmm... but hasn't he agreed to break up with her?"

"He said it didn't mean anything serious and he would break up with her."
"that's good right?"

"it doesn't make a difference. I don't think i would be able to trust him again."

"But he just went out on a couple of dates?! Can't you forget about the whole thing, forgive him and move on. You guys are so happy together."
"I can't forget and I can't forgive. I was happy but I guess he wasn't. It's not about the number of dates he went on, I found out about the whole affair and that's why he is forced to break up with her. I am sure if i hadn't, this would have gone longer. maybe he would have slept with her later. And the more I think about it, the more disgusted I feel! There were times when he was with me but his mind was with her. There were times when he lied to me so that he can go and meet her."

"So, what are you saying...?"

"I am saying that I can't be with some one who lies to me. It doesn't matter that he didn't sleep with her, he did go out with someone behind my back. I have to do this."

"Even though he said he still loves you..."

"If he did, he wouldn't have done what he did."

"But, I thought you loved him?"

"I love myself more." she smiled sadly.

"Are you okay?" her friend placed a hand on hers.

"I still hurts to think that he would do something like this. I trusted him so much but I also know this is something that I have to do. Leaving him is one of the hardest decisions I had to make and I am in pain but I know I will be fine." 

If you were in her place, what would you have done? Would you have left your partner if you found out that he went out with someone behind your back? Or would you choose to forgive him / her? Would you be able to trust him / her again? What is your definition of cheating? Which, according to you is worse - romantically thinking about someone else while he / she is with you OR physical cheating? Is walking out of a relationship easier than working on it? Do you believe, 'Once a cheater, always a cheater.'?


  1. i would have done what she did. i dont trust easily and it hurts when someone breaks your trust. i am not saying that the other should not see any other girl, but all i ask for that person to come clean. if there is nothing serious or anything, then why hide it in the first place. leaving him would be better than a constant debate with oneself over self-respect and trust. i dont think i would ever be sure again

  2. i would have done th same too... what's the point of spending ur life with someone, who is not happy with you,who is looking for someone else,something else. If he is not happy, how can he keep me happy!!

  3. I agree. I actually left my boyfriend of 3 years just last night. It hurts like crazy, but I have a 12 year old son and as much as I thought and believed that my ex was going to a be a great role model he wasn't. He was lying to me about everything. I constantly took his excuses, got mad, argued then we'd always made up until the next time. Except this time he never came home until the next morning - I'm done. I can't and won't except that behavior and allow my son to think that is how a man is to treat the woman he claims to love. Now it's just a matter of staying strong and focused. It's hard has heck though and right now I'm at a period where I'm questioning myself if I shouldn't have moved out as sudden as I did. However, I'm keeping the best interest in my son a priority and I can't live in a home where I don't trust who I'm with. No matter how beautiful and financially secure it was. She did the right thing too.


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