Monday, June 6, 2011

A short love story!

This is indeed a short love story, literally and metaphorically. Read on -

Rain. She is running. He stares.

Two strangers. One umbrella. Love blossoms.

Life is love. love is life.

One year. Love disappears. Fights start.

"It's not working out." He leaves.

"I do love you." she mutters.

She keeps trying. He moves on.

He found someone new. She cries.

... And it ended. Just like that.


This is an attempt at a six word story. As the name suggests it means narrating a story in exact six words. So all these 9 lines are a story in themselves. And they are subtle stories... nothing is in-your-face here so you need to get those grey cells working!

Now, my twist on this style is that while each individual six word short story is complete in itself, when read together all these 55 words are a story as well... I hope you get it... if you don't drop in a line and let me know that i need to work harder! i won't mind, i promise! ;)


  1. @Megha,

    Stories/poems are appealing when crisp and to the point and when wordings are soothing, everything appeals in short package also...

    Nice one, seen the same stuff in past...Appreciated!!

  2. Hemingway's : 'For sale. baby shoes. never worn.' :)
    Yours is nice but you could work on getting a plot into every sentence as well. Like 'for sale' opens up a scene, a setting and mounts a little suspense. 'baby shoes' provide a context and make the picture a little clearer while intriguing the reader. Finally the 'never worn' unravel everything that has transcended making for an apt end that leaves the reader a little upset and a little pensive. Try that in 6 words! :)

  3. thanks varun :)

    and menu123 (intriguing name ;) ) you are absolutely correct. someone has also suggested that the six word story could have had a more deeper meaning. i would certainly try and work on it :)

  4. I liked your story. Ususally , micro fiction or flash fiction's tends to pivoton a concluding twist -though not a benchmark but certainly a trend.


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