Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Proposal

He sat there wondering, 'What had gone wrong? I did everything I was supposed to do. I bought an expensive solitaire, made reservations in the best restaurant, arranged for special music. I did all that effort and for what?! So that she can say no and run off!' He was getting more angry as he kept thinking about it.

'Everyone must be laughing at me! That waiter with the champagne, the violinist, people in the restaurant... my parents, my friends! everyone would make fun of me! I would be a joke! This is the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me!'

He got up and drove down to her apartment.

He banged on the door till she opened it. Her eyes were all puffy and she was wearing his old sweatshirt. But, he didn't notice that. He was blinded with anger. He shook her and blurted out, "What the hell did I forget to do? I made sure there was everything... a huge ring, the best restaurant, amazing food and drinks, special music, champagne... everything! If there was any other girl, she would have been floored, but you...? you say no to all that and leave?! Did you even think for one minute how I would have felt!"

He let her go and paced  with a hand on his head thinking about what he must have done wrong. And he remembered, "Is this because I didn't get down on my knee?! because if it is, that is really stupid."

She just stood there with tears streaming down her face.

"tell me damn it! What did I forget to do?!" he yelled at her.

She slowly wiped her tears and spoke, "You forgot Love."


"Yes, you forgot love. You forgot me. you forgot us. this everything you did, this whole charade... I never wanted any of this. If you had just stood there with nothing and asked me to marry you because you love me, because you can't live without me... I would have said yes in a heartbeat. But instead you decided to make a show and love was no where to be found. It was all about you... what you did, how you felt embarrassed and humiliated. there was no us... there has been no us for a long time."

He just stared at her open-mouthed.

She went on, "I don't want a solitaire, a gold band would have been fine. I don't want an expansive meal, something you would have made would have been more delicious. I don't want violinist flown from where ever they were flown in from, the song that was playing when we first danced would have been perfect. Instead of that speech you just delivered, two heartfelt words would have been enough. I don't want a perfect proposal, I wanted a personalized one... one that is from the heart and not from your mind."

She stopped for a breath and continued, "You did everything you were supposed to do but love is not doing what you are meant to do, it is what you want to do. So, next time you propose, do it when you do want to get married and then it would be from your heart, and believe you me, whoever she would be, she would definitely say yes."

She smiled a sad smile and went inside closing the door behind her.

He stood standing there under the moon light, wondering...

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