Monday, June 27, 2011

What’s the deal with...?

Whenever I go out, there are a lot of disconcerting habits of people that disgust and irritate me. It makes me wonder that how are these people allowed to be out of their house?! They should be locked up and given hygiene lessons!

Some of the habits that completely make me go insane and also wonder, what’s the deal with...?

  • Peeing in public – This is done mainly by the men. I mean what’s the deal with it?! there are so many public services all over the city, why don’t they make use of them? Granted, they are in a pathetic condition but who is responsible for that, huh?! I mean it is such an ‘Eww’ sight when you look out of the window of your car and some man is wetting the wall! Have you ever seen a woman doing that?! If women can control themselves and wait till they get home or some other restroom service, why can’t men?
  • Spitting in public areas – I absolutely loathe whenever I see someone spitting on the walls. I mean you just have to wander through CP and you can see the handiwork of some buffoon on the pillars. it is a disgusting habit as it is but people have to make it worse by spraying their red spit all over the city! In addition to spitting paan, many people spit otherwise. Something is the matter with their throat, and they make sound like a gargle and then thinking of the world as their personal wash basin, they go on spitting away! I just want to say to them – That is disgusting!
  • Picking your nose – What do these people expect to find in there? Some lost treasure?! They are at it, without a care in the world... And God forbid, they find something! Eww... that goes right there – under the chair or table where they are sitting! Eww!
  • Burping in Public – Don’t you hate it when you go to a nice restaurant and are sitting, waiting for your meal to placed in front of you... when the person sitting on the next table decides to tell you what he had had for his meal! Eww!! Go to the washroom, you neanderthal man! What irritates me more is when you give that guy (yes, it is generally a man!) the dirty look and he, instead of being apologetic or even a tad bit embarrassed, just looks back at you and smiles, pretty shamelessly! Like the burping incident was pretty normal! News Flash Mister, you are not at home.
  • Throwing stuff / garbage on the road – This is the habit which I don’t understand. I mean there are so many dustbins all over the city, why is it that people insist on throwing garbage outside of it?! I have seen kids thinking their soda cans to be a basketball and the garbage bin as a hoop and indulging in some basketball practice! But the problem, if the freaking can doesn’t end up in the bin, they just leave it lying around there and go about their business. I mean how difficult it is to pick up the can and put it in the bin?! Don’t you keep your house clean? Why can’t you do the same for your city?
  • Honking Incessantly – It is a red light and you, as many others along with you, are waiting for it to turn green. Doesn’t it make you mad that as soon as the light turns green, the jerk behind you starts honking repeatedly! I mean, the light just turned green two seconds ago! Give the person ahead of you some time to start the engine, put the car into gear... But no, he / she is getting late to save the world maybe! It irritates me more, when I see a car behind a rickshaw-wallah honking over and over again... it’s a man pushing a person behind him. It would take time. Make your peace with it. Sometimes, I wonder what the honking driver thinks would happen by pressing the horn? Does he think that his car would sprout wings and he would be able to fly over?!
  • Not standing in queues – Why can’t people understand the concept of queues?! I guess everyone thinks that they are Amitabh Bhachhan and wherever they stand the line begins from there... That is not so! If you go to a counter and there is a group of people standing one behind the other, that is a queue... and you need to go at the end of it and not at the beginning because believe it or not, you are just like everyone else. I absolutely hate it when you are waiting for half an hour in line and someone who thinks they are too good enough to stand in line (like everybody else) and instead goes straight to the front. But I love it that when something like this happens, how the whole queue of varied individuals unite as one! 
  • People who give wrong directions – Now, this is plain silly. I mean why is it so difficult to tell someone that you don’t know they way to the place they are asking you about?! There have been so many instances when I have ended up going in a circle or in the completely opposite direction when I asked for the way. A simple – I don’t know – would have been much more appreciated.

There are many more such habits of people that I can enumerate but I would want to give you a chance to the same... what are the habits of random strangers that make you go Eww

P.S. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but there was no post yesterday... I am still on with the 365 day challenge, it was just that my trusted Internet connection ditched me! But all is well now and I would make up for that one loss... cheers!


  1. Indeed an interesting post- Few things I can think of
    People trying to jump the red light which result in unnecessary jams sometime.

    people driving in wrong lanes/ directions and when something happens as in accident n al...they are the first one to step outside the car and fight

  2. An interesting post. I can relate to all of them. I hate all of them myself. What I hate the most are bad drivers on roads. I cannot stand them!

  3. :) Annoying habits!! They just unnecessary spoil your mood!

  4. All of the stupid habits mentioned by u irritates me like hell..

    Few more that i can remember is People playing music in metro, bus etc. on speakers.. Why can't they use headphones.. They just don't understand that the other person is least interested in the shit that they are listening.. And talking loudly on Mobile at public places.. Don't they understand that its a public place.. Can't they be a bit polite.. They don't have to show off their mobile (In case they are ;)) 'coz everyones owns one these days..

  5. You have just about summed all annoying habits of the real world.
    Maybe next you can a post on the annoying habits in the cyber world?


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