Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting Him...

Jumping with joy, she hugged him tight,
Suffocating him enough, still for a breath he didn't fight!

Nothing else mattered more than that hug, it felt so right,
They didn't even care, they were in every one's sight!

She had missed him terribly every day and night,
How eagerly, she wanted to make up after that ugly fight!

it was the end of her plights, giving way to an unfathomable delight,
Still she wondered, was it a dream or has he finally arrived!

"I am sorry i hurt you. Please forgive me, I missed you," she cried
Seeing his little angel after a long time, 'I missed you too,' her daddy replied!

This above post is a team effort. Every line of the post has been contributed by an individual and I have just done a little editing. How did it came about? that requires a little background... which is available on my facebook page - The Grey Area

Contributors - Akshat Adarsh, Sanchali Bose, Charu Mahesh, Sheetal Khanna Mukhija, Ankita Singh Rathore, Chetna Mehra, Meenal Gupta, Kanika Arora & I...

Thank you... I hope you guys like it! :)

P.S. while reading every line that each one of you have contributed, I could make out what was going on in your mind ;) and I am sorry I had to change some lines, just to make the poem flow properly...

P.P.S. - While editing the lines and rearranging them, i realized that how the meaning alters drastically if you place something out of context!



  1. Since it was a joint effort I thank you on behalf of all the contributors to the post :)


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